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  1. mcp9

    thoughts on injecting spicy mustard/vinegar into a chicken

    thanks guys.....good info
  2. mcp9

    thoughts on injecting spicy mustard/vinegar into a chicken

    beercan chicken injected w a spicy mustard/vinegar mix......anybody done it?  or even a vinegar based bbq sauce?  thoughts? thanks
  3. mcp9

    Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos Coal Smoker

    anybody know about this smoker.  selling them at academy for 399. looks like a great upgrade from my chargriller smokin pro.  thanks in advance
  4. mcp9

    Saturday Jambalaya tailgate with JAMVIEW

    "watched the Tigers sweep the CrimsonTide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" looks great, but you wont be saying that come football season.
  5. mcp9

    question about a rib rack

    i got a rib rack and i have noticed that the ribs are cooking on to the rack and sticking. its making it tough to pull there something i can do to help this. spraying pam or something on there? anybody ever run across this? thanks in advance
  6. mcp9

    Poll do you foil your ribs & butts???

    i foil both. didnt at first, but now i do.
  7. mcp9

    anybody ever just s&p ribs as a rub?

    just got to thinking....anybody ever just use salt and pepper as their "rub" for a rack of ribs? if so, how did it turn out?
  8. mcp9

    brinkman rib rack

    thanks for all the input....i am currently smoking a test rack on it now.
  9. mcp9

    brinkman rib rack

    holds 6 racks....seems kinda cheap. anybody got one? hows it hold up? here it is
  10. mcp9

    CG SFB Question

    i put a couple bricks under my charcoal grate to promote air flow and i can also burn a little longer also......just an idea.
  11. mcp9

    The Perfect Pint

    anybody had the guiness extra stout? its not bad, the regular stout is my favorite. give it a try!
  12. mcp9

    New smoker from Tuscaloosa

    ROLL TIDE from south alabama
  13. mcp9

    BBQ Grillmasters

    i am also bummed about soa ending. should be a great finale tonight tho
  14. mcp9

    Anyone have GREAT recipes for smoking Turkey?

    i did that slaughterhouse brine, its unreal! didnt do anything else to the turkey except flip it half way thru the smoke.
  15. mcp9

    Brick BBQ Pit...

    ken-what do you do for a living? hate to get too personal, just wondering. your outdoor setup is worth more than my whole house
  16. mcp9

    Green Beans smoked?

    been looking for a good green bean recipe. care to share?
  17. mcp9

    weber score

    on the way home from work yesterday, noticed a weber kettle on the side of the road in a trash pile. pulled over, picked her up, checked her out, and took her home. needs a new lid handle, charcoal grate, and cooking grate, but overall its in great condition.
  18. mcp9

    Cooking a whole pig - The Cowgirl Way :-)

    x's for me. that upsets me. looked like a great post!
  19. mcp9

    anybody happy with their homeowners ins?

    thanks for the info all. bumping for the night crowd.