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  1. dish

    Digital thermometers

    I'm sure by now you've purchased a thermometer but I've been very happy with Maverick thermometers.  I own the redi-chek et-73 and love it.  Used it tons.  Check it out online, I got mine on Amazon.  Happy smoken!
  2. dish

    Valentine's Day reverse sear filets and smoked lobster tails

    Man does that look good.  Need to make me some more steaks again like this.  Nice work
  3. dish

    First Smoke (Game Hens)

    I'm doing a couple tomorrow.  Injecting with herb butter.  Stand up on tiny beer cans.  Always good. 
  4. dish

    Thermometer recommendation

    The maverick is a great setup.  Check amazon for deals on them.  I love mine but you'll want to calibrate every so often. 
  5. dish

    My first Fattie - Chicken Cordon Bleu fattie

    Now that looks awesome!  I've never tried a CCB fatty before though.  Great idea for my next smoke.  IMO you might want to get a 1.5"x1.5" wooden block to put your probes into instead of using the one that attaches to the grill grate.  Heard they can throw off your CC temp.  Just an idea.
  6. dish

    First time 3-2-1 method

    I'm still working on them also.  Fine line between tough to mush.  But like Grillmonkey I'll get them perfect eventually. 
  7. dish

    Need wood advice

    I just mix apple and hickory on everything.  Just what I like.
  8. dish

    To Inject or Not to Inject???

    I've injected briskets with beef broth.  Injected turkeys and chickens with seasoned melted butter.  Going to do a couple game hens and try injecting them with buffalo sauce.  So far everyone has enjoyed what I've done unless they're pulling my leg.  I always smoke around 225*-250*
  9. dish

    Hello from "Silicon Valley" California

    Welcome to the forum.  This place has been so helpful for me.  I'm opposite of you with my smoking success.  Have not gotten my ribs down quite yet but getting close.  If you have any questions feel free to ask and you'll get plenty of help.  The search bar is great for finding older threads too.
  10. dish

    tenderloin qview

    Looks real good.  Need to do a full tender.
  11. dish

    Good baby back rub

    I can only copy and paste so fast guys. 
  12. dish

    Taco Bells crunch wraps

    I know what I'm having tonight.  Thanks
  13. dish

    What would you do?

    I've never soaked just wrap in tin foil.  I get a heavy smoke but I don't use wood through out the smoke.  I use lump charcoal with some competition kingsford for the entire smoke.  Also have never used a water pan since I don't use a vertical smoker just a side fire box.  Keep asking and they...
  14. dish

    Here's how I start my Sundays....

    What do you have going on here?  Looks good!
  15. dish

    First time smoking a brisket

    Great job!  Just did my first brisket last week.  Turned out great.  I'm hooked.
  16. dish

    chuckie going on

    Looks good.  I did one a couple weeks ago.  Decided to shred it in the slow cooker and added some water with brown gravy mix and onion soup mix after 4 hours of smoke. 
  17. dish

    What would you do?

    Also decided to throw some of these on too
  18. 20140825_171324.jpg


  19. dish

    Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum Jerry.  Everyone has to start somewhere with smoking.  Basically everything I've learned about smoking has been from this site.  The search bar is full of answers and opinions.  I started smoking this past winter and I'm addicted to it.  Everyone has been so helpful here. ...
  20. dish

    Brisket w/ Q-View... Came out dry? What did I do wrong?

    I just smoked my first brisket last week and had the stall in the 140*.  I injected it before hand with beef broth and also wrapped it.  It was 11lbs and took nearly 13 hrs.  One thing that might help if you have a dry brisket is to slice it and put in a slow cooker with beef broth for a while. ...