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  1. athabaskar

    first smoke

    Looks like some tasty yardbird. I like to smoke chickens breast down too.   
  2. athabaskar

    What's Next to Smoke?

    For something different, domestic duck is good. I've been tossing on a loaf of scrapple every time I smoke lately. It is nothing short of awesome. Potatoes for smoked potato salad have caught on at my house also.
  3. athabaskar

    Leg of lamb - Indian-style

    Thanks teebob. I had the inspiration for an Indian flavor leg and you gave me the demonstration. Hope mine turns out as good as yours looks!
  4. athabaskar

    The Ultimate Way to Season Cast Iron - Flaxseed oil

    Oil everything inside and out that is cast iron. The dutch ovens often have a shiny steel bail, or handle. It isn't necessary to oil that, but it's ok if you do. Thanks to dward51 for the flax oil tip. My wife collects cast cookery and we are always looking for better ways to season them.
  5. athabaskar

    Beaver the not so white meat...

    I had beaver one time, just about as long ago as Roller. It was fixed much the same way too, but less seasoned since it was made my my Yankee family. I remember being surprised by how good it really was. Definitely something I'd happily eat again.
  6. athabaskar

    Secret to Loading Vaucum Seal Bags without a Mess

    One of these canning funnels might work for you.
  7. athabaskar

    smoked potatoes worth it?

    Smoked potatoes make the best potato salad ever. We put them on the smoker first so they are done long before the low & slow stuff. That leaves plenty of time to make the tater salad and allow it to cool and the flavors to get happy together. By the time the meat is done you have something special. 
  8. athabaskar

    Stainless steel muffler smoker !

    With your drip/water pan array at the bottom, you probably can get by without a separator between, just like a water smoker. A separator (or baffle) is something to consider though, if you ever hope to make a quick getaway. It might get a bit dicey laying that puppy over with even a burnt down...
  9. athabaskar

    Best smoker under $400

    If someone said it don't taste as good out of an electric it was probably operator error. I've owned propane, electric, and charcoal/wood burners and they all are good for some reasons, not as much so for other reasons. Since you said you weren't looking into wood, your choice has narrowed some...
  10. athabaskar

    Who has the best neighbor !?!?!?!? ME !!!!

    I don't like to tell people what they should do, but I'm thinking it would be a good idea to mow your neighbor's yard. Then he'll think he has the best neighbor too!
  11. athabaskar

    First Time Smoking Turkey Legs

    Haven't done just legs in a long time. Lots of fun to have everyone gnawing on them and waving them around.  You don't need to perforate the skin. Turkey meat takes up brine really well. Just be sure they are fully submerged. You might need to place a plate or something similar atop them to...
  12. athabaskar

    1st Brisket Question

    We love brisket so much that I normally do two at a time just to be sure there is plenty left to freeze. I normally pull and coarse chop it rather than slice just because I like it that way. Makes for some awesome nachos or sammies for a quick meal. Drop the thawed bag into some boiling water to...
  13. athabaskar


    Any local meat market will be able to order one for you. Should take 2-3 days on the outside. Possibly next day. I know brisket isn't a big seller in your neck of the woods, so it might be a great opportunity to get "in" with your local meat cutter. They usually like folks who are willing to...
  14. athabaskar

    Smoked Pickles

    Please try to remember to give us an update on this one. Really interested in trying it if you give it a .
  15. athabaskar

    Packer or Flat?

    Two trains leave their respective stations 36 hours apart on the same track going 1mph headed toward one another. One starts a packer, the other a flat, both at 225* in identical smokers using the same rub and the same mesquite for smoke. After 18 hours they meet head to head. After the dust...
  16. athabaskar

    What YA cooking for the weekend ? In Texas we have 77 degree weather &

    Having trouble deciding between a brisket and a butt, so I guess the best thing to do is both. I need to poke around in the freezer and see what else looks interesting. Might need to get a couple more rolls of vacuum bag film. Awwwww...
  17. athabaskar

    Super Bowl Sunday!

    I'm going the easy route. Pulled some dino bones, brisket, and cowboy beans out of the freezer. Just need to mix up a slaw and dinner is ready.
  18. athabaskar

    Steam Cleaning Grill or Smoker

    I like to use vinegar & water to clean the window and door seal of my MES using a scotchbrite pad. The rest of the interior is left alone. The racks, drip pan, and water pan go into the dish washer and get a spray of cooking oil when I reassemble.  I've cleaned an offset for a refurb before...
  19. athabaskar

    2 part smoke?

    Since you'll probably be up until midnight on new year's eve, I'd probably start smoking them around 7 or 8:00. When the midnight festivities have passed foil them in a pan with some liquid and (gasp) pop them into a 200* oven and go to bed. Like Johnny Rodriguez said, they are likely trimmed...
  20. athabaskar

    A-MAZE-N Smoker -Is a single, double, or quad burn most recommended for hot smoking in MES 40?

    Not having tried the method of lighting in the center, I'm no authority. However, I've lit both ends many times, and it never over smokes anything so far. The smoke level is always perfect to my taste.