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  1. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    Everything else good to eat except this 2 inch piece that has it? I ain’t got time to get sick so if questionable it’s garbage time.
  2. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    Bottom picture is it out of cure. How would it not cure in a quarter of a half?
  3. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    What is the center of this?? Looks like a grayish color and only in center of 2 inches. (Noticed while slicing) This was my picture cut in half also after curing it and fry testing
  4. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    Sounds good. Nope I wanna leave it as long as possible.
  5. smokinadam

    Scottish Eggs

    Oh yeah those look amazing. How did they reheat??
  6. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    After checking when I got home from work I only had about a teaspoon of liquid out of the bag. Lots more inside still. My round of 2 7/8 inches thick so I figured 6 days plus 2 plus 2 more if reading correct unless there was an update. First attempt and have picture of starts (been awol off...
  7. smokinadam

    Dried Beef Step by Step (Great Stuff)

    I am wondering if having some of the liquid leak through my bag will affect this process. It wasn’t leaking 2 days ago and last night I noticed some leaked out onto the plate I have it on. I am at 7 days as of yesterday and was going to wait until tomorrow to take out and season. Thanks SA
  8. smokinadam

    30 in Masterbuilt from Amazon

    Good atatyer. I actually recommended this to my aunt for an uncle of mine.
  9. smokinadam

    Year = 366? Anniversary dinner made!

    Thanks guys! I like little fat on my steak for added flavoring.
  10. Year = 366? Anniversary dinner made!

    Year = 366? Anniversary dinner made!

  11. smokinadam

    Year = 366? Anniversary dinner made!

    Plate Shot! Today is our one year anniversary and because of leap year it's been more than 365 days married and I make sure she knows how lucky she is to deal with my obsession to grilling and cooking. She perfers tenderloin so I got her a choice tenderloin steak which was about a half pound...
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  17. smokinadam

    WSM design

    Ya I just got done removing ice that got in from the rain we had here and cleaned it up. I do have the cover but there are times I forget to get it back on it and I don't have that problem with the kettle so trying to find out why the lid wouldn't be designed the same way as the kettles. I will...
  18. smokinadam

    WSM design

    Good morning Everyone, I am wondering if anyone else has had the issue with rain/melted snow getting into the bottom of their WSM? I see the issue is the lid and center piece does not overlap like the kettles do. Not sure why they didn't design it with the same concept but it has me baffled...
  19. smokinadam

    Week off.... what to cook...

    Ok I'm off this week for vacation I had to use and want to do a barbacoa a day but what else should I do? Next weekend were going ice fishing and I got an agenda of eggs-sausage links breakfast and lunch is armadillo Eggs, ABTs, and buffalo injected chicken legs on my little 14wsm.... I will...
  20. smokinadam

    Pheasant for Christmas?

    Brining the bird should help keep the juice in it. Can't wait to see sliced pics.