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  1. marissa

    Smoking in Wisconsin

    Welcome!  I'm from Wisco as well.  :)
  2. marissa

    Dry aged beef

    I've used the Cook's Illustrated technique several times with much success.  I wrapped my steaks in cheesecloth, put them on a baking rack, and left them in the fridge for four days.  They developed an out crust and much better flavor than steaks grilled straight from the store. 
  3. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    Thank you!  I'm quite excited myself.  So are my neighbors. 
  4. marissa

    Refurbished Thermapen's for sale through Thermoworks.

    Thermapen is the most highly recommended instant thermometer by Cook's Illustrated.  I don't have one, but would certainly consider it for such a discount.
  5. marissa

    Memorial Weekend Brisket Smoke

    Looks fabulous!
  6. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    You guys wouldn't use free Matchlight to burn off some rust?  Really? 
  7. marissa

    New Cooking Channel

    I'm watching now.  There's a show on Mixology which is pretty refreshing to see.  On another show the host cooked at entire octopus. 
  8. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    chefrob, while I would love to do what you did, I don't have a shop or many tools.  Maybe someday.     The fire was pretty effective in removing rust, so I think I've gotten a good start.  It's still too hot to do much more, and I work long shifts the next few days so I'll tackle it more another...
  9. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    Wow, that's beautiful!
  10. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    Nicely done, Heliboy!  Thank you all for the warm welcome.  :)  I took pics of the inside of my smoker but have not uploaded them yet.  The previous owner gave me two bags of Kingsford Matchlight as she wouldn't be using them anymore, so I used them to fire both parts of the smoker to remove...
  11. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    Thank you.    I have to share the story of how we got it:  it was advertised on Craigslist for $30.  Yes, $30.  As we were at the owner's house looking at it, another potential buyer showed up to look at the two Weber kettle grills she was selling.  Well, it turns out he is an avid smoker...
  12. Smoker.jpg


  13. marissa

    Brand new smoker

    I am, that is.  I've been interested in smoking for a time, and today I purchased a smoker, seen below: It needs some elbow grease so I'm reading up on how to bring it back to its former glory. Hello!
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