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  1. tomdury

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    Hey All, Newbie to smoking here and thought I would ask for some general suggestions for a brisket smoke. I just finished building a UDS and did the  seasoning burn a couple days ago. I (somewhat stupidly) bought a 6lb, $50 brisket from Giant Eagle and want to smoke it this weekend. however, i...
  2. tomdury

    Charcoal chimney idea

    Not looking for a charcoal starter but the actual charcoal basket to put wood chunks in and smoke with. Just seems like there should be an easier route than building one out of expanded metal.
  3. tomdury

    Charcoal chimney idea

    Hey guys, Wanted to run an idea past the experts out here. What do you think of this trash can as a charcoal chimney? To me it seems an easy alternative to building one is to buy this...
  4. tomdury

    Newbie to smoking, UDS burn out

    Ok guys, sorry for all the questions but not only am I new to UDS building, I am TOTALLY new to smoking in general. So....I did my barrel burn out yesterday for about 2 hours. All the paint burned off nicely inside and out including the lid EXCEPT the bottom 4-5 inches of the outside of the...
  5. tomdury

    non steel barrel

    Hey guys, I am attempting my first UDS build and I had a question on my barrel. I picked up a $20 barrel from an auto shop and the guys said it was used to store alcohol (they used it for race fuel). The lid was not removable but the guy said he would cut it off there in the shop. He cut about...