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  1. kipper

    Smoking a small hog, help!

    Thanks guys. I have been pushing for a longer time, and if its done early, it can finish in the cooler, but better done too early than too late! I'll plan on checking the temp, and maybe go ahead when the thinner parts are done, to go ahead and cut off the thicker shoulder and ham and work...
  2. kipper

    Smoking a small hog, help!

    This is kinda cross posted from the game area, but I figured it might apply here? I have scoured this site, read Rick Theads BBQ List, and have scoured everywhere for Q insight. This weekend will be my first try at something other than chicken and ribs. I will be using my neighbors offset...
  3. kipper

    Hey Ya'll!

    I just stubled on this site yesterday, what a great resource for Q knowledge! I grew up in north Alabama eating Big Bob Gibsons Q, pork and chicken with the white sauce as well as their Q potatos. Later I moved to Tuscalosa AL and of course fell in love with Dreamland. They have an awesome...