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  1. franco61365

    a good brine recipe please

    I am planning to butterfly two whole chickens and smoke them on Saturday afternoon, now who has used a brine, and how should I go about making one, and then how long should I let it soak in the brine, is there a time limit?, any help???????????????????
  2. franco61365

    Rancher Charcoal

    I got Rancher for $2 a bag at the end of last summer at the HD here in Kansas City MO., I also got just over 150 pounds of Kingsford, in broken bags for $10, but I had to take all the broken bags, I think the guy thought that part would scare me off, it does not hurt to ask, best time is around...
  3. franco61365

    '08 SMF GATHERING - Are you SERIOUS???

    Hey Mike, can you give us some kind of idea what the plans for each day might be, I find it odd to think your starting the event on a Thursday, and ending on a Saturday instead of Sunday. I cound not make it down before Friday afternoon, and would not want to miss anything. Please let us know...
  4. franco61365

    What did you get for Christmas

    I got my elect Rivel meat Slicer I have been wanting, now bring on the Brisket, I want it sliced paper thin! Here's to all a Happy new Year, and may you be safe in the coming new year!
  5. franco61365

    Unclaimed Money

    Just last year, I found my name on the Missouri unclaimed money web site, listed with an address, that I had not lived at since I was 7 years old, I am now 42, so I looked some more and found both of my sisters also!. We filed a claim as a group, due to the fact that our mother ( the only common...
  6. franco61365

    What's your occupation?

    I am a warehouseman for the largest and oldest family owned pasta company in the USA, we supply about 40% of Pasta served in Resturants and packaged dinners ( you know, Hamburger Helper ). I Load and unload the big trucks. Was an OTR Driver for 10 years, and would like to drive again, just need...
  7. franco61365

    Renyolds Handi-Vac

    I have had mine for about 3 weeks now, and items I put in the freezer with it, are still holding tight, I used 2 of the gl size bags to freeze a family pack of ground beef I cut in half, everything went well with that too, and besides I only have about $18 invested in the whole thing as of now...
  8. franco61365

    Reynolds Handi-Vac?

    the web site says it comes with 3 quart bags and batteries for less then $10., I am a poor bastard so I plan to invest! LOL, it also says replacement bags are less then $4. per box of 12 quart or 9 gallon size, I hope they plan to add other size bags to the line up!
  9. franco61365

    The Anthem by a 7 year old

    why shouyou ever fear "breaking the rules" for posting something like that, I do not think this is a site for frumpy old lawyers! I am VERY PROUD to be an American, I thank GOD and our Servicemen everyday for the freedom to post what I want when I want!
  10. franco61365

    Can You Say, "stop Thief"?

    I was just over to my local ome depot to pick up some more charcoal for my all night pig butt smoke tonight, and after the dissapointment of them being out of my cheap brand of charcoal, as I was leaving I noticed two very large, very heavy trash bags, full of KINGSFORD, bags that had been...
  11. franco61365

    I need Help here PLEASE, with an injectable rub/marinaide

    WELL YOU ALL TALKED ME INTO IT, I went ahead and got 4, 2 for this weekend, and 2 for when I get hungry again, I went to my little spice shop and picked up my BBQ rub, and she gave me a sample of her store made cajun rub, I did the old finger test, and my tounge is still burning, for crying out...
  12. franco61365

    I need Help here PLEASE, with an injectable rub/marinaide

    My Hy Vee has PORK BUTT's for .99 a pound, so I am buying 2 and planning to smoke them this weekend, now I am getting kinda tired of paying $5 for a pint of injectable Marinade, does anyone have a good recipe for one, I know I am going overboard with the stuff, but hey I love my meat to have...
  13. franco61365

    OU vs Texas Belly Button Jewelry (PG-13)

    is the girl in photo #2 really wearing a G String?
  14. franco61365

    You can tune a piano...

    I have tried the water pan thing and it is not helping me, I may check into the plates, I must do something I am burnning everything by the firebox, and coming up short on the stack side. Maybe I will get it right someday!
  15. franco61365

    I Have A Dream.

    Ok here goes, I am working on a new home made smoker in my head, kinda scary, but............................................... ....... I have a few questions I want to ask, and see what my smoking friends think. Which metal should I build it out of, a guy at work seems to think I can come...
  16. franco61365

    Show Yourself

    Hawg I mostly fish fresh water stream for hatchry raised fish, hell I am stuck in the middle of god forbid Missouri here, But I do plan to someday fish the highland cold waters of the great northwest, maybe one trip at a time, but hey we can all dream, right?
  17. franco61365

    Show Yourself

    Ok, here I am, if your computer quits working, blame the guy who started this thread! Frank
  18. franco61365

    Has anyone ever used Ranger Carcoal?

    I was at my local Home Depot last Sunday and they now have a house brand of charcoal, it is called Ranger, it comes in a 20# bag and sells for 3.99 a bag, but as we speak it is on sale for 2.99 a bag. and I want to know if I should stock up now. a few questions are Is it any good, I purchased...
  19. franco61365

    my first pork butt

    and my next question, do I put it n the smoker fat side up, do I turn often?
  20. franco61365

    my first pork butt

    Ok help me here, what temp do I want for pulled pork? I am doing leg quarters also, so I dont want to over cook the bird, so give me some pointers, I plan to inject my butt with cajun butter sauce.