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  1. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Charcoal grill

    A Weber Kettle can give you a solid 15-20 years of grilling if you keep it out of the elements. In my 40 years of grilling, I have had two 22'' and my current 26". I grill out year-round in my pole barn. Temps well below 32 in the winter. I still have all 3 of my Weber's just don't use the 22's...
  2. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Glove Recommendation

    Got a pair from Yoder, so far so good.
  3. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Whats Your Comfort Food

    Meatloaf and Brown Gravy Lasagna and Garlic Bread Meaty Spicy Chili Red Beans and Rice Vegetable Beef Soup
  4. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Keep the music playing... What/Who Was Your First Concert ?

    1982 Judas Priest, Screaming for Vengeance tour. Terra Haute Indiana
  5. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Pork steaks

    I have my Butcher cut mine a 2". I will smoke them for about an hour on low heat. Then I put them on the charcoal grill at 450 for 2 minutes a side. You can't put enough BBQ sauce on it for me. I often crave a Pork Steak over a Rib Eye.
  6. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    2" Thick Porterhouse on the Camp Chef

    Porterhouse is my favorite cut, Nice.
  7. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    PS Seasoning

    My sister told me the Bee Sting is her new favorite BBQ sauce. Guess I will have to try it and see for myself.
  8. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Charcoal grill

    I just wish weber had more accessories for the 26" offering a different color than black would be nice as well.
  9. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Tri-Tip help

    So, with all this talk about slicing correctly. Surely it has no effect on the flavor. Is it just presentation or making it easy to eat? Thanks to all who replied. If smoked at 225, what is a good guess of how long it would take to get to medium rare temp? Is it ok to be away from the smoker a...
  10. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Tri-Tip help

  11. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Tri-Tip help

    Going to try and smoke my 1st Tri Tip tomorrow. Can someone who has had success in smoking one give me some solid advice? Smoking temperature, meat temp, seasoning and time Thanks
  12. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Best Flavor pellets for Brisket

    For you smokers that have smoked Brisket with pellets I ask. In your opinion what is the best flavored pellets to use when smoking a Brisket? Thanks
  13. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Steak sauce

    That is for fish and chips. They also make a steak sauce.
  14. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Steak sauce

    London Pub, you can thank me later.
  15. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    First time with my new Traeger.

    Seriously hope you have good luck with your Traeger. I have a couple friends that are not real happy with theirs. Keep the pics coming.
  16. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    St Patrick’s Day

    I guess I'm more of a Jamison and Giger Ale kind of guy on St. Patty's Day,
  17. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Rural King pellets made by Lumberjack?

    Bought some Kingsford pellets today, hope to try them this weekend.
  18. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Rural King pellets made by Lumberjack?

    Rural King pellets are no longer made by LJ.
  19. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Kingsford wood pellets

    I can't get LumberJack pellets anymore at Rural King. Does anyone have any experience with using Kingsford? I would like to try them, but they are quite a bit higher in price than the LumberJack. Thanks
  20. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Bear Mountain Owns Lumberjack?

    Wow, a Rural king employee told me yesterday that LumberJack makes there pellets now lol. Probably won't try Rural King pellets as I have been pretty loyal to LumberJack. Thinking about giving Kingsford a go.