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  1. thegunnut

    Another VacuumSealersUnlimited thread plus VacMaster review

    While I am a relative "noob" on this site, I am retired after 30 years in the food packaging business. While I will not mention their name, the company I worked for is the gold standard in vac packaging equipment and supplies for industrial use. When it can time to buy a unit for personal use...
  2. thegunnut

    Sawdust in AMNPS?

    Went out and bought a pair of Amazin 12" tubes this am. The gentleman at the BBQ shop suggested I try traeger pellets, as the seem to burn "easier" as in lower combustion temp. than other brands. Filled the tubes and they were "Amazin"!!!! Complete burn, lots of good smoke. On a whim, I filled...
  3. thegunnut

    Sawdust in AMNPS?

    Thx for the input. A question about the tube smoke unit....... You use it for cold smoking as well? Does it stay lit without being inside the grill / cooker for additional heat? Thx Thegunnut
  4. thegunnut

    Sawdust in AMNPS?

    DS Thanks for the Intel. I plan to pick up some PWI sawdust this week and see how it behaves. I will post results once I get some. I have a load of bellies to "baconize " so I need to solve this puzzle ASAP. Thegunnut
  5. thegunnut

    Sawdust in AMNPS?

    I am using bbq delight pellets. 2 min in the microwave, wait 10 mins and then another 2 min microwave. Light with propane torch and let burn with a flame until the flame is coming from about 3 inches of the first row of pellets. Minimum of 10 min burn time. Blow it out and put it in the WSM...
  6. thegunnut

    Sawdust in AMNPS?

    having spent WAY too much time and energy trying to get my AMNPS to work properly, I am wondering if I can use sawdust (commercial smokehouse grade) in my AMNPS? I have microwaved, oven dried, and otherwise abused the pellets to no avail. Lots of air flow ...... WSM cold smoking with all vents...
  7. thegunnut

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    My screen name is "thegunnut" because I are one. Collecting, using, admiring and fascinated with them for over 50 yrs
  8. thegunnut

    Lesson learned

    I have been messing around with adding a side box ( like a mailbox mod) to my propane smoker to hold my amps. For the life of me I could not get the thing to burn. The air may have been blue, but it was not with thin smoke. I tried everything... 1" inlet 3" outlet to the smoker. Forced air...
  9. thegunnut

    Greetings from Canada

    Thought I should sign up rather than continuing to lurk and take advantage of every ones sharing nature. I am in Oakville, Ontario, Canada Currently running a WSM (with a stoker), a Masterbuilt gas smoker, a Weber Performer grill, and a homebuilt gravity fed smoker copied from a Stumps. If I...