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    DIY electric smoker build questions

    JckDaniels 07 has more knowledge than myself, but Auber has FANTASTIC customer support, I went with one of their plug and play controllers.
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    DIY electric smoker build questions

    Check out mineral wool for insulation for your smoker build. It’s available at most building centers
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    Heat Warmer Smoker

    Welcome to SMF! Good luck on your build! I’m no expert but I’ll chime in on the rack installation, as my build is similar to yours. My cabinet width worked out to be the same width as most house hold ovens, so I salvaged oven racks and figured out how wide of angle aluminum needed to...
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    Joining from MN

    Welcome aboard from a fellow Minnesotan.
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    Good morning from Ottawa, Canada

    Welcome from MN!
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    Good morning from Northern Colorado

    Welcome from MN! They’ve got a great crew around here.
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    Hey from NE Iowa

    Welcome from MN!
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    New member from MN

    I was able to go out last Saturday afternoon but no dice…
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    New member from MN

    Hello everyone! I’ve been a lurker for many years and finally decided to take the plunge into becoming a SMF member. Started out with a Bradley smoker about 10 years ago and enjoy making venison sausages (snack sticks, summer sausage, ring bologna, etc) along with the typical ribs, chicken...