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  1. elginplowboy

    making snack sticks for the first time this weekend and a couple questions

    1. Will the mes 40 make smoke at the low temps for making snack sticks? No, most folks use the amazen pellet tray or tube. 2. What material do you prefer for rods to hang the sausage from? Wood dowel rods work or cut to length and place on racks. 3. What flavor wood chips is preferred? Use...
  2. Grinder safety(warning graphic pics)

    Grinder safety(warning graphic pics)

  3. elginplowboy

    Grinder safety(warning graphic pics)

    Do not remove guards from grinder! Use the stomper and not your fingers. Here is why. My friend is very lucky he has any finger left.
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  6. elginplowboy


    Howdy and welcome from Texas.
  7. elginplowboy

    Productive weekend,, snack sticks

    Looks like u got a full smoker thats happy!!!!!!! Looking good
  8. elginplowboy

    Cold smoked some sausage

    Sounds good
  9. elginplowboy

    30lbs garlic beef sausage

    Just Uniodized table salt.
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  11. elginplowboy

    Boudin eating experts

    To eat the casing or not? I think traditionally is no but I am curious what the popular answer is. Im fixing to make my first batch and want to tell folks before they try it.
  12. elginplowboy

    30lbs garlic beef sausage

    Thanks everybody. Driedstick the lava rock work great as a heatsink. Surprisingly the CMU's don't retain the heat like u think they would at the lower smoking temps.
  13. elginplowboy

    30lbs garlic beef sausage

    Money shot. Ok here we go, one link all cut up.
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  15. elginplowboy

    Metzgermeister schloss

    Pm me anytime. Too big for electric. Gas for sure unless u go smaller. I use wood on outside to pipe smoke in and pid controlled gas burner to control temps. Wood only outside for heat would be hard to get up and control temps. Adding a fan for some better circulation during cook cycle to keep...
  16. elginplowboy

    30lbs garlic beef sausage

    Whoohoo all done Money shot tomorrow. Im going to bed.
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  19. elginplowboy

    30lbs garlic beef sausage

    Sneak peek. About 5hrs in
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