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  1. laszlo

    Cure- Vacuum sealing?

    You are right there, draining liquid will decrease level of nitrites. After a bad leak from ziplock bag, I always cure in vacuum, although I do not remove all the air, just keep the meat a little loose in the bag. Turning the bag a giving it a gentle massage once a day and results are always good.
  2. laszlo

    Do You Really Need Pink Salt If You Do Not Cold Smoke Your Bacon???

    No cure no smoke rule here. Only (as there is always one) exception is smoked pig back fat. Nitrites only react with muscle cells (red meat), so salt rub is enough. Otherwise always Cure#1 or #2.
  3. laszlo

    Drying cold smoked sausage

    Yep, to make these right the curing chamber is the way to go. Gotta keep the humidity where it needs to be. All meat in the pic is cured with #2. The bresaolas hanging at the back like it up to 80% in their first two weeks, so this is how it is set now. Chorizos would be normally at 70%, but...
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  6. Drying cold smoked sausage

    Drying cold smoked sausage

  7. laszlo

    Can you double smoke BBB

     Yep, you can do it over course of weeks, but it has to be a cold smoke (smoker temp <100F or <80F in Germany). If bacon is brought to 150F IT as Alblancher mentioned, the prolonged smoke is a waste of time - the smoke will not penetrate inside, sure, bacon will have darker color, but overall...
  8. laszlo

    fermented sausage

    Johny, I'm planning to post a thread about my curing chamber in this forum when I find a bit of time. I'll compile all the gear I've used, possibly with links. Both controllers were sourced from eBay (Hongkong seller), I'd have to go and dig it out. The humidifier is just about right size for...
  9. laszlo

    Lonzino Dry Aged Pork Loin

     ^^ Looks awesome. Is it the smoked or non-smoked one? Any taste difference? I'm just about ready to get my lonzino going, I'm wondering if it is worth to go thru the smoking bit. Cheers.  
  10. laszlo

    slightly technical question

    I'm by no means an expert Pops is referring to, but here is how I see it. With dry curing we trying to preserve meat by removing water from meat thus denying harmful bacteria the essential ingredient to grow in. But the drying has to be done in environment with relatively high humidity, which...
  11. laszlo

    fermented sausage

      Awesome looking piece of meat. Looks like a pork hock (knuckle), one of my favourites to make terrine or aspic. Here is my curing chamber setup. Got some chorizos and smoked speck (salo) curing there. Next is lonzino, just waiting for weather to get a bit cooler to cold smoke it.  ...
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  15. laszlo

    fermented sausage

    Wait a minute! No kiwi fruit extract added?  .......Just kidding mate. Well done, I like the buttermilk idea, the bactoferms are hard to get by in here. I reckon that your smoke ring is caused by higher temperature of smoke, if you can manage to keep it below 27C you shoudn't get a smoke ring...
  16. laszlo

    Long Smoke times questions

    Here's one more link to homemade curing chamber. Check out this guy's charcutterie receipes while you there. Good stuff. Cheers
  17. laszlo

    bacon drying

    You could dry the bacon uncovered in the fridge overnight. I think a lot of people do it that way. 130* feels little bit high, you may dry the surface too much. Just my 2c. I personally dry bacon after rinsing cure off at room temperature and blow a fan on it. It takes around 2 hours to form a...
  18. laszlo

    Lonzino Dry Aged Pork Loin

    Boy, this thing is massive - you can dry cure two whole hogs in there! Nice project though. Gotta control your humidity, 50% is way too low for drying meat. Those lonzinos are looking great.
  19. laszlo

    Lonzino Dry Aged Pork Loin

    By "dust in AMNS" I meant A-Maze-N Smoker filled with dust rather than pellets to keep temps down (pellets burn hotter). I personally haven't smoked lonzino but the one I'm going to make soon I will. The few receipes I read about lonzino reccommend to stuff it into casing (beef middles...
  20. laszlo

    Lonzino Dry Aged Pork Loin

    According to Ruhlmann, yes, you can cold smoke them at any time of the drying process. The key word is COLD. I assume that as meat gets dryer it would be more difficult for smoke to penetrate the entire volume of the meat. Also I'd think it would be beneficial to maintain high (75-80%) RH in the...