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  1. reardenreturns

    Labor Day Brisket and Ribs (w/ QView) - UPDATED

    Ribs went 3-1-.5. Has them a little closer to the fire.
  2. reardenreturns

    Labor Day Brisket and Ribs (w/ QView) - UPDATED

    Here's the finished products!! Ribs: Didn't come out just how I wanted them, but were tasty Brisket: Came out really good All in all, a pretty good effort. :grilling_smilie:
  3. Anthony_Compofelice_September_01__2013_at_0750PM.j


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  7. reardenreturns

    A Brisket Win!!! Houston Mariner's Club Cookoff - April 2013 - W/ QView

    I meant to post this awhile ago: A friend has asked me for a few years now to cook for their companies team in the Houston Mariner's Club Cookoff. Since I'm not a pro and just a friend, I always agree to help. 2012 was a bad year with a horrible rainstorm and a broken rotisserie type pit which...
  8. Klose Pit.jpg

    Klose Pit.jpg

  9. Rib Entry.jpg

    Rib Entry.jpg

  10. Brisket Closeup.jpg

    Brisket Closeup.jpg

  11. Brisket Uncut.jpg

    Brisket Uncut.jpg

  12. Winning Brisket Entry.jpg

    Winning Brisket Entry.jpg

  13. 1st Place AJC.jpg

    1st Place AJC.jpg

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  15. reardenreturns

    Labor Day Brisket and Ribs (w/ QView) - UPDATED

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! I haven't posted in awhile, so thought I'd drop some QView on y'all :biggrin: I'll update as the cook goes on! Put on some great, if not large (17 and 16 pounds!) briskets and some pork ribs for the labor day holiday. Thought I'd provide some BBQ deliciousness...
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