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    Choosing an offset smoker

    I am looking at the backyard jambo pit. It looks like an excellent smoker. I have a Yoder Wichita and not liking it. I had a good resource tell me Yoder smokers was not any good in a polite way.
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    Oak Wood? I’m guessing.

    I have a 1/4 cord and all the wood looks like this. I’m not able to provide a picture of the bark. Post Oak doesn’t have a red center that’s similar to mesquite.
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    Oak Wood? I’m guessing.

    I purchased this supposedly post oak 18 months ago. I was told it was post oak but don’t think so. It was purchased from a wood yard. Notice the internal redness and smooth bark. Bark was not broke away. Anyway what is this wood? Red oak am guessing? What kind of flavor would this wood...
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    Baby Back epic failure.

    I smoked two baby back ribs today on my stick burner. Had a hard time controlling temperature cause the wind was blowing at 25 to 30MPH Had them on post oak & mesquite coals 4:45 minutes at 250 degrees. Got tired of the wind and wrapped and finishing in the oven. The ribs are very moist...
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    Smoker ?

    I’ve been looking at the Jambo backyard offset smoker. I don’t think anyone could go wrong with the Jambo stick burner. It has a LARGE firebox. I think it’s insulated too. The heat and smoke enters the cooking chamber at grate level. Not below the grate. The exhaust is at grate level.
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    Offset Smoker Cleaning - Citrusafe?

    Many in the barbecue competitions are telling us we are cooking not smoking. Visible smoke is dirt. I smoked this beef jerky on hickory and ZERO visible smoke and the jerky had great hickory flavor. Very thin blue smoke is released from wood coals, it’s so thin you normally can’t see the blue...
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    Offset Smoker Cleaning - Citrusafe?

    I would really feel citrus based cleaners would be safe. Not trying to be facetious on this next subject but you shouldn’t be having problems with creosote issues. This means you’re not burning your fire correctly. I’ve never once had problems with creosote, well did 27 years ago. Do this -...
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    Beef Jerky, How much sea salt to be safe in a food dehydrator?

    I wouldn’t use sea salt. You can get pink curing salt. Pink curing salt is very potent. It can easily get someone sick if use as table salt. It’s something like 1/4 tsp cures a lot of meat.
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    How to smoke jerky

    I smoke eye of the round on hickory wood coals two weeks ago and people are wanting more after handing out samples. Only smoke 2 hours at 160 - 180 max on hickory wood but nothing but the coals and the flavor will be great. You can spray your grates with vegetable oil to keep from sticking...
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    Offset Smoker Fire management

    If you like the offset smoker and cooking old school method visit YouTube and search and watch Aaron Franklin Fire Talk. YouTube has several Fire management related to the offset smokers some are good and some not so good. Two important things, never soak wood in water. It causes wood to...
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    Pellet smoker advice?

    I most definitely agree. The pellet smokers would let me get some sleep while my brisket is cooking but the flavor profile is going to be a little different. We have a Dickies BBQ and the restaurant smokes with a pellet smoker. There are only 4 cars there all day long. Rib Crib is one mile...
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    Yoder Wichita Loaded offset

    This site blocked me as spam a few months ago. I was able to get back on the site with my wife’s help. I am not spam and was blocked a few months ago.
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    Pellet smoker advice?

    In my opinion the pellet grills smokers don’t provide the classic smokehouse flavor but there easier to smoke with but the isn’t the greatest. The offset smokers provide the best flavor. Goldees bbq in Texas took best bbq in Texas and that’s what Goldees is using the offset smokers. Including...
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    Pellet smoker advice?

    I learned burn a wood (wood not lump) charcoal fire 🔥 and you’ll get an exhaust like my picture and you’ll get a much better flavor.
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    Pellet smoker advice?

    If you’re wanting a pellet smoker go with the Yoders. I have a Yoder Wichita stick burner and was starting to hate the stick burner until a blessing fell my direction. I had two professional bbq pit masters contact me. One from El Paso Texas and another from Austin Texas. I was operating...