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    1st smoked Turkey

    Since it was just a test cook only my Wife and I had it. She made Turkey soup with the leftovers. It took about 6hrs to cook.😃
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    Southwest chicken Weber kettle.

    Great job, looks delicious. 😋👍
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    1st smoked Turkey

    The skin was delicious with a nice bite. Not chewy at all. That’s why I increased my temp towards the end of the cook.😃👍
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    1st smoked Turkey

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.
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    1st smoked Turkey

    This past weekend I smoked my 1st Turkey. My Daughter and her husband are hoisting Thanksgiving this year in their new home and asked me if I could bring a smoked bird to add to their oven baked Turkey to the table this year. So since I have never done one before I figured I need to do a test...
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    Blackstone Griddle

    I got mine last month and I love it. I have had stuff smoking on my pit while at the same time cooking a ton of stuff on the Blackstone. It’s definitely a must have for your backyard arsenal.
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    General Tao’s chicken Wings

    Definitely try it you won’t be disappointed Bill
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    Cherry Wood Flamed NY The Copper Pot Way

    Fantastic job! It looks Delicious
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    Couple of Quick Ribeyes on the Rec Tec w/Qview!

    Wow that looks Amazing!!!
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    General Tao’s chicken Wings

    Chinese five spice rub Ingredients 3 star anise 3 Tbsp whole green peppercorns 2 cinnamon sticks (3inch) 2 Tbsp fennel seeds 1/2 Tsp whole cloves Place everything in a dry pan medium /low Heat and toast for about 5 minutes. Don’t burn it. When done remove from pan and let it...
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    General Tao’s chicken Wings

    Thanks everyone. Grilled at 300 pulled them off at 170
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    General Tao’s chicken Wings

    First time doing General Tao’s chicken wings on the grill. Couldn’t find Chinese five spice in supermarket but they did have all five spices individually so we just made our own. At that point we decided to just do the sauce also on our own. It was Fantastic.
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    Smoked Ribs Today

    Took advantage of the weather here today on Staten Island and smoked Ribs. Did the 3-2-1 with oak and apple wood. Smoked beans with the rib trimmings also. Wife and I enjoyed it. Can hardly wait for things to get back to so sort of normal this summer and have the whole family back together for a...
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    Old School Wish-Bone Chicken

    Absolutely love this post. That’s an Amazing photo of your Grandpa at the grill. Looking at how your meal came out I know you have made him proud that you carry on the tradition.
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    Couple Of Good Friends, Couple Of Porterhouse Steaks (Pic Heavy)

    Everything looks so Delicious!
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    Saying goodbye...

    So very sorry, it’s always hard to say goodbye. But remember for the short time they are with us you made him very happy.
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    Smoked Steaks

    Hi everyone, took advantage of the beautiful weather we had here on Staten Island and put two nice Ribeye’s on the Smoker for my Wife and I. Seasoned with Jeff’s Texas Rub. Used Hickory and a little mesquite. Kept the temp at 225-250 till internal temperature of the steak was 115. Then...
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    Pork belly (bacon) burnt ends

    They look Amazing! This is something I definitely want to try and do in the future
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    More Easter Ham

    That looks absolutely delicious. Great Job!
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    Rack of lamb

    Looks Delicious!!! Great job! I have to try this sometime. Stay Safe Bill