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    Building a Stainless smoker, have a question

    Im building a stainless smoker and have a quick question. Im starting to make the openings in the fire box and smoke chamber, I was wondering how to keep the door from swinging back all the way? Special hinges? not sure i like the chain idea unless i have too. Also anyone have recomendations on...
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    Need help with my smoker build!

    im open to any and all suggestions... thank you!
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    Need help with my smoker build!

    Im not exactly sure what kind i want.... i would just like to smoke pork/chicken/anything on my days off.
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    Need help with my smoker build!

    Im new to this group and to building smokers. Im a tradesman and i picked a 2ft diameter by 34" stainless steel Piece of ductwork that im trying to make in to a smoker... ive attached a photo. So I have a few plans, im going to run expanded steel across the bottom 10 inches up. Then i...