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  1. padronman

    11lb brisket need help

    200F is too low and you may not get to the required 140F in 4 hours for food safety.  As others said ramp up the temp and start in the morning.  As for the "smoke ring" while it is beautiful......its a myth that it adds anything to the flavor......just a myth.  Good luck and take pics! Scott
  2. padronman

    Andouille! Andouille? Which recipe? This is mine.....which is a combination of about 3 recipes I saw.  It came out GREAT Scott
  3. padronman

    Linking out a sausage

    Is there an easy trick for linking that doesn't cause a blow out or two?  When I twisted it cause one or 2.......
  4. padronman

    New Hakka sausage stuffer. 5-7 LB model

    ​Not far it's running smooth as can be.  The only issue I have found is when reloading the stuffer as the seal of the plate pushes a lont of air through.  Is there a trick?
  5. padronman

    Hot link sausage is stuffed!!!!

    Oh I did open the coil before I put it in the smoker!  Thanks for pointing that out Bear.  They came out very good and I will have to post pics when I can :)  Recipe 7 LB Pork butt trimmed 2 Tbs black pepper 1 Tbs Cayenne 2 Tbs Smoked Paprika 3 Tbs Salt 1 Tbs Mustard seed "coarsely...
  6. Hot link sausage is stuffed!!!!

    Hot link sausage is stuffed!!!!

  7. padronman

    Hot link sausage is stuffed!!!!

    Finally!!! Got these all stuffed and ready for the smoker. Decided on leaving these in ropes and will smoke on the racks as you see here. Then once cooked I can cut to length and vacuum package them up. Did a test fry and I am glad I adjusted the recipe as this was still nice and spicy but...
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  10. padronman

    Bark vs. Burnt

    Id say you did real good.  Lots of sugar and the addition of honey can make it easier to "burn" the outside but to me the pics say bark.  Bark isn't meant to show off each individual spice and trust me your mouth will say it's not a waste.  Go with a light coating of don't want it to...
  11. padronman

    Foil pork or not?

    Nope.....never......uh uh. Don't like mushy bark.
  12. padronman

    Wood selection

    I will use a mix of either Pecan and Cherry or Almond and Apple
  13. padronman

    Fingers crossed on a brisket

    You sure your smoker temp is accurate?  Probe accurate?  Dunno.......sometimes meat is fickle and does what it wants to
  14. padronman

    Raw cured sausage mix question

    Thanks Jimmy!  Yeah its in a cold refer and is cured with #1 and also some salt.  Going to stuff tomorrow on day 4
  15. padronman

    Raw cured sausage mix question

    This is good up to 5 days correct?  I'm at day 3 and plan to stuff tomorrow.  Stuff got in the way of sausage making greatness ugh. Scott
  16. padronman

    Newbie to the electric smoker

    Measure your racks.....that gives you the proper dimensions.
  17. padronman

    Recommend me a smoker

    How much do you want to spend?  That's a big part of the equation of recommending you a smoker.  I have the Smokin-It #2 and LOVE it.  Reliable and does the job it's designed to do.  Smokin-It has a larger one than mine if you want bigger....but Ive done a butt load (pun intended) in mine. ...
  18. padronman

    Pork butt?

    The negatives?  Drying it out? Burning the bark etc.  At only 3lbs it should only take 6 hours at the most but some butts are finicky
  19. padronman

    My Andouille Recipe

    ​I think you will LOVE it!!!
  20. padronman

    New Hakka sausage stuffer. 5-7 LB model Amazon has your size Scott