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  1. dave17a

    Summer Sausage not enough smoke...

    With my recipe for ss I just mold it in 1 lb. loaves. Put in plastic wrap to set overnight. Smoke to temp. 1/2 venison, 1/2 80 20 burger. Jalapeno in some too. There's not anybody that doesn't like it.
  2. dave17a

    So, I found this YouTube Kielbasa recipe...

    I like Len poli formulation on kielbasa. Tried some breakfast sausage on there that had alspice and it was fine but weird
  3. dave17a


    Does fruitwood need to cure? I've heard no. Thanks for any info
  4. dave17a

    Kielbasa. LenPoli's recipe

    Sorry for late reply. Busy. Just punch up len poli, it is a website, and is strange to remember. lpoli.50webs
  5. dave17a

    Can an aluminum foil pan be used to brine?

    Salt and aluminum react with each other I believe. Will eat it up.
  6. dave17a

    5 year old smoked cheese

    Daughter opened some 5 yr. old xtra sharp. Forgot I had, Four 8 oz. blocks xtra sharp, just took one. Holy crap. Seemed sweeter, and just the smokiness. I always do 6 hrs. That is just our preferance.
  7. dave17a

    Biscuits & Gravy

    Gotta have gravy on the hash browns
  8. dave17a

    Reheating Pork

    We did it!!!!
  9. dave17a

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Looks good. Tried that and don't think I let it cook long enough, chewy but good. Was supposed to melt in your mouth. Good luck.
  10. dave17a

    Masterbuilt not standing by warranty?

    Ya know, I read and read on electric smokers before I splurged and heating elements were all the main issue. Some only 90 day warranties. Smokin-it just kept haunting me. Three year warranty. Christmas bonus and....
  11. dave17a

    New electric smoker build

    Very nice.
  12. dave17a

    Smokin-It #3 Temperature Setting Verses Inside Cabinet Temperature

    With Sarge on smokin temps. Recently bought a #1 Smokin-it. All the same worries. Did a buckboard bacon first smoke at 200*. Turned out great. It says not to open during smoke, which my wife read, i didn't see it. She started ribs new yrs. eve day and I always spritz, not here, pork butt...
  13. dave17a

    Cold smoked deer sausage

    I bought some of LEM 19mm smoked collagen casings and couldn't get it over the smallest horn. It says do not soak in water. Frustrating. Just shot it out of jerky blaster. Kirchner 5#er
  14. dave17a

    Smoked Dove breast

    I listened to a podcast by Hank Shaw, all about quail and upland birds. He would not gut and throw in fridge for 3 days and then pluck them. Made them easier to pluck and juicier. Only did it for chicken like birds. He had a name. Don,t believe migratory included. Just food for thought. Grilled...
  15. dave17a

    Big Cheese Smoke

    Nice job. Gonna be some good stuff. My only question, Wasn't this already vac sealed from store bought? No need to undo redo IMO. It will keep till ready for smoke.:emoji_sunglasses:
  16. dave17a

    Reheating Pork

    You got all the answers you needed. CHIEFS!!!!:emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup:
  17. dave17a

    Smoked Salami

    So no fat whatsoever?:emoji_confused:
  18. dave17a

    Lotsa pork.....and beans

    My thanks are in with your all's replies. Don't know what I did wrong. :emoji_frowning2:
  19. dave17a

    Lotsa pork.....and beans

    They are the best behind Bell's Thanks