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  1. stooge555

    Hello Folks

    Hello. I'm not exactly new to smoking. I used to live on the coast and had a home made fish smoker that I made out of a 55 gallon drum. Obviously, this is alot different than making ribs or chicken in a commercial smoker. I'm hoping to get involved in sausage making, and anything else that I can...
  2. stooge555

    Any help appreciated!

    Hello, I'm not sure how to find roll call. I'll keep looking.....
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  4. stooge555

    Any help appreciated!

    Hello Folks, I recently picked up a used propane smoker from someone who cleaned out a chinese restaurant that went out of business. My plans are to use it in the kitchen of a store I'm in the process of buying.  I would like to identify it somehow. It needs racks, which I can have made, but I...
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