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  1. devolutionist

    Smoker too Hot! Dynaglo dual Burner LP

    Did the new gas regulator make any difference?
  2. devolutionist

    Please help me choose a 2-door smoker

    I'm looking at the 43" Dyna-Glo (you listed the 36" one above), mainly because I'm moving from my 12 year old BBQ Grillware GS-2100 vertical (legs finally rusted off and it's either weld new ones on or get a new one and oh, i don't weld). The reason I'm aligning these two is because the smoke...
  3. devolutionist

    Smoker too Hot! Dynaglo dual Burner LP

    I've read that the regulator on these can be suspect at times, so it could be that this'll help. If not I'd suggest perhaps just lighting one of the two burners? Given how much meat you can pack in here, you'd need both if it were jammed full. I imagine you'd need the BTUs to get the temp up...
  4. devolutionist

    I may be addicted lol

    Well now you gotta tell us which of your children you like best
  5. devolutionist

    A feed fer 200/50th Anniversary

    BOING! Man, I'm so hungry now I could cry... Awesome job!
  6. devolutionist

    Another Over Suffed Pork Loin, Q-View Too!

    Looks awesome Dave - points for sure. One question - how'd you cut it and get it flat like that?
  7. devolutionist

    best beer for BBQ

    Beautiful about being a Yeungling lover in Tampa is that it's brewed locally here... We get the freshest of the fresh!
  8. devolutionist

    BBQ Grillware Vertical Propane Smoker from Lowe's

    Consumer Alert! Be aware that Lowe's is selling a different BBQ Grillware vertical smoker now for around $149, the 36" model GS-2001. Here's a link. My buddy at work got this one instead of the one this thread is talking about and I help him put it together. I can say without a doubt that...
  9. devolutionist

    Rookie who wants to learn

    Well dang! Those African hunting trips sound pretty cool, you might have to crank up a thread of your own on that if you have any pics Definitely flip through Jeff's "How To" section on the left side of the web page up there - that'll knock out most of your questions but probably will create...
  10. devolutionist

    Pork Butt Roast, Or Shoulder Blade?

    The roast (which probably doesn't have a bone) will cook a little quicker if time is of any consequence.
  11. devolutionist

    My First Brisket On The MES W/Qview

    Looks awesome! You might have just inspired me to do another brisket this weekend... it's been a while since I jumped on one of those.
  12. devolutionist

    What's your occupation?

    I'm a Sales Engineer at one of the big telecom companies. Basically my job is to be a technical salesperson - keep the front line sales folks between the lines and make sure what they sell will actually work. I sell a ton of Cisco and Nortel hardware, design networks for companies, and...
  13. devolutionist

    Let's see your Maters!

    Excellent idea with the buckets! I have a very limited backyard since 85% of it is occupied by my pool, so my wife will be all over this - especially since they can be moved. Good to see some other Panhandlers on the board - I'm originally from Marianna & my brother lives in Lynn Haven...
  14. devolutionist

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    working backwards is a very good idea - that always keeps me out of trouble. i'd rather finish early and foil them in a cooler (they'll stay hot 3-4 hours that way) than try to pull them straight off the smoker. If they're foiled, you could really let them sit for a little longer than just one...
  15. devolutionist

    Smokin in the rain

    Dude, I was laughing so hard when I read that, I almost choked on my tongue. "Secretive apes"... now THAT'S FUNNY! Welcome aboard!
  16. devolutionist

    Easter fishing & frying Qview

    Looks great! Fried turkey is in my top ten, for sure. I haven't cooked a turkey in the oven for about nine years now. You must've had a lot of folks over to eat up two turkeys! What did you end up doing with that spanish? There's something about that fish that I just love...
  17. devolutionist

    How much should I prepare?

    What excellent timing - I was just swinging by the SMF to look up that very same info. Got about 130 to cook for on Saturday, but we'll have it watered down with a few chickens cause there's a few in the Cub Scout Pack that don't eat pork
  18. devolutionist

    A Short Discourse on Preburning Wood

    OK, I'm in the propane smoker's union, and after reading through this I too am left wondering how this will apply to what I do. My primary issue seems to be I have to use chips - not chunks - which don't really lend themselves to preburning imho. They'd just go up too quick. Chunks just won't...
  19. devolutionist

    Too much smoke?

    Personally I think mesquite is even stronger than hickory - so if you're trying to tone it down a little, go with the apple wood. Soaking it ain't a bad thing either - the point of soaking/foiling it is to get it to smolder and not flame up and burn. When it flames up is when you get the heavy...
  20. devolutionist

    Fatty for Dinner Q-view

    Very nice! I like a lot of mozzarella in mine too. My kids like it cut up like you have in your 3rd pic, put over some pasta with a little marinara on top.