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  1. bertman

    Survey for Daughter's Math Class

    Kinda soured on baseball lately, so I had to vote football (to watch). But I have to admit, I am currently watching softball.
  2. bertman

    Howdy y’all

    Welcome from Missouri, but I was in Seattle yesterday!
  3. bertman

    Noob here

    Welcome from the KC area. You signed up for a KC BBQ Society competition, does that mean you are in the KC area?
  4. bertman

    Salmon Jerky!!

    Like the great philosopher Tom Petty once said, "It's the waiting that's the hardest part"...
  5. bertman

    In Search of Venison Sausage Ideas

    I'll second what Big W, KBFlyer, and chopsaw said about bacon. I made venison bacon using Curley's mix, and formed round loaves (link) to slice for breakfast sandwiches. I also would highly recommend this breakfast sausage from meat eater. It really surprised me.
  6. bertman

    Favorite Movies Thread...

    I'm posting this before I read through the rest of the posts, but I'm a fan of Payback with Mel Gibson, and I could watch Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton five or six times a year and never get tired of it.
  7. bertman

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome from Missouri. The information shared here has made me look better than I deserve to.
  8. bertman

    Hassleback Chicken Breast.

    This isn't fair. Stop eating for two minutes and post the results!
  9. bertman

    My first Brisket!

    An unbelievable amount of information on this site. Congrats on on a brisket that looks that good on your first attempt!
  10. bertman

    Backyard cooking area and smoker build.

    Yeah, the problem with something like this is that you can never move! Seriously, though, do you have a room to rent?
  11. bertman

    Hello from Michigan.

    Jeffs are the best. Welcome.
  12. bertman

    Shrimp Scampi Over Angel Hair, Italian Baked Tomatoes, Bresaola Antipasto

    Please let me know if a house on your block goes up for sale. Based on the meals you share, I am jonesing to be a neighbor. Amazing once again.
  13. bertman

    Hi from Adelaide South Australia

    Greetings from KC Missouri area. I, too, am looking forward to pics of your cooks and the build.
  14. bertman

    Goose Tenderloin Marsala over Vermicelli with Caprese Salad

    Jim, I can be in Memphis by 4:00 a.m., which puts us in So. LA by lunchtime. :emoji_laughing:
  15. bertman

    Goose Tenderloin Marsala over Vermicelli with Caprese Salad

    Always a fan of your posts. If I'm ever in LA, I want to come by and at least SMELL what you are having for dinner. And by "If I'm ever in LA", I mean I could leave right now. 😆
  16. bertman

    Couple (20) of butts with pics

    I may catch some flack for asking, but in a quantity like this, has anyone ever used a mixer to pull pork? A guy that catered my niece's wedding reception a few years ago shredded chicken breast with a KitchenAid mixer. After just a few pulses, it turned out as good as by hand, but in a fraction...
  17. bertman

    REVEAL...The Slice....Pancetta Piacentina D.O.P.

    If it was me, I would struggle to find myself worthy of eating this. Seriously, I would never want it to be gone!
  18. bertman

    Big Shot Glass Burgers (miniature beer can burgers)

    Looking forward to a follow-up on how they were received. I know I'm not the only one that can smell those photos.
  19. bertman

    What are you paying for gasoline?

    Drove from the Kansas City area to Decatur, IL and back today and saw everything from $2.89 to $3.49.
  20. bertman

    Pulled Pork, Best one ever

    These pork butts take so long I always neglected the rest time, but the one I smoked a couple of weeks ago I stayed up late and rested in a cooler. It made a HUGE difference, and I will never neglect that step again. Yours looks amazing. Glad you saw good results (and the wife was happy).