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  1. smoke dawg

    Southern Colorado Smokehouse

    Looks great! - You did an awesome job
  2. smoke dawg

    Lets get Smokin again!

    I did concider it but I have no problem getting heat.
  3. smoke dawg

    Oh My Head

    Um, I think you had a great time and lost track of time. Somehow 5 days are missing?
  4. smoke dawg

    Lets get Smokin again!

    I have not tried it but it does sound good. I do have racks I could use as a safety catch. The fire is inside of a 24"SS pipe with 1/4"SS top so there is no direct access to the fire
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  6. smoke dawg

    Lets get Smokin again!

    Wow Wes, That is a very nice brick smoker. The last wood one I had lasted almost 15 years and just had tin lining the botytom and dirt floor. This one has fire brick floor and about 3 feet on three sides. The door is metal lined to reduce weight. I expect I will get 20 years out of this one...
  7. smoke dawg

    Best of last year and plans for this one?

    Last year was pretty basic getting the smoke house replaced and a few smokes. The last of the year was holiday turkeys. We have aquired a new Lem Grinder, mixer, patty maker, and a stuffer so this year will have plenty of new...
  8. smoke dawg

    Southern Colorado Smokehouse

    You would need Hi Temp wire and run inside the insulsted walls or in conduit. Problem is you would need on at each tray level to be effective. I just use a headlamp and recently added a pole and light near the smokehouse - It really helps out. This is an awesome smoke house. Makes me want to...
  9. smoke dawg

    Finally got it outside!

    Very Nice - I like it. I keep concidering going to the propane
  10. smoke dawg

    To Soak or not To Soak

    Since I smoke with a fire, I do use wet wood at times. I use a combonation of wet and dry to help control the temperature along with air intake. This also helps with how long the wood will last and to keep even heat. It is a lot of work but I do like the results.
  11. smoke dawg

    Lets get Smokin again!

    Turkey results
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  13. Lets get Smokin again!

    Lets get Smokin again!

  14. smoke dawg

    Lets get Smokin again!

    Two years ago our smoke house of many years had its farewell. Instead of rebuilding we got by with the Brinkman, and side box and now have the replacement in service. Had a few runs of jerky, pepperoni, and fish. Here...
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  17. smoke dawg

    Pacific NW Smoker

    Welcome from another that has bounced between OR and WA.   Looking forward to how the first bacon goes
  18. smoke dawg

    finally found a good use for my rake

    Hot Dawg thats a good idea!
  19. smoke dawg

    Farewell my faithfull Smoke House

    Thanks everyone. Yes There are many memories and great food that came from that smoke house. We do have a sfb and a ecb to get us through until she is rebuilt.
  20. smoke dawg

    Smoking for no reason?

    Hey - I resemble that remark!