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  1. analog assassin

    calling all smf musicians

    I'm a stratocaster man myself, a weekend warrior, been playing lots of styles from Zydeco to blues to R&B and I love classic rock. I've got a 1965 Super Reverb that I bought all junked up but I rebuilt and retubed it. I also use my own effects pedals that I build myself. Right now I have an...
  2. analog assassin

    Chuck Roast

    Instead of serving the smoked chuck roast in buns, stick it in soft flour tortillas with fresh cilantro, lettuce, grilled onions. You'll never go back to the bun.
  3. analog assassin

    pork brisket ribs...what is this?

    I'm concerned about the boneless meat, I might not have to cook that part as long as the part with the bones. BTW, thanks for that Hormel link. I'd been wondering what the Applebee's 'riblets' were, it's those button ribs. I'm not a fan of applebee's by far, but I always wondered what they were.
  4. analog assassin

    pork brisket ribs...what is this?

    Yeah, sort of, with the exception that half the length is boneless meat. All in all, it seems like a good value. It's cheap and you're not paying for a lot of bone.
  5. analog assassin

    pork brisket ribs...what is this?

    I went to the store today and was looking for some pork spare ribs. None to be found, but they had these huge sealed bags with what looked like spare ribs, but instead it said: "Pork brisket ribs whole in bag" and "great for barbecue" This huge hunk of meat was $5!!! It was 87 cents a pound! I...
  6. analog assassin

    BBQ beef tacos?

    I think chuck eye would be too lean. This chuck roast has a good bit of fat in it. The Wal-Mart supercenter here always has some. I'm not sure what kind of cut it is, just a cheap roast. I paid 10 bucks for a pretty big roast. This stuff takes on the flavor really well and it shreds easily after...
  7. analog assassin

    BBQ beef tacos?

    I tried it and it's incredible. The smoke flavor brings another dimension to shredded beef tacos. I doubt this stuff is going back in a bun after this.
  8. analog assassin

    BBQ beef tacos?

    I'm sure someone has tried this, but I can't find on the web too much about it. I'm a big fan of smoked chuck roast. So instead of shredding it and sticking it between two buns, why not put it in a soft flour tortilla, with some grilled onions, fresh cilantro, lettuce, tomato... I mean, it's...
  9. analog assassin

    Burned Out

    I've been enjoying the lighter tastes (and quicker times) of my gas grill lately. Especially with the veggies. I love grilled asparagus and zucchini.
  10. analog assassin

    Making Cracklins

    I've seen them made. They have to be constantly stirred. Once they're ready to be pulled out, they throw a little ice in the fryer and it makes it bubble real fast and is supposed to crisp up the cracklin. We call them gratons here. (pronounced grah-tawns) We have fairs where the pig is...
  11. analog assassin

    Atomic buffalo turds

    Has anyone substituted bell peppers for jalapenos here? They look great, but I can't get fresh jalapeno.
  12. analog assassin

    How many leg quarters in GOSM?

    Since we work Memorial Day, I was gonna bring the GOSM and smoke leg quarters because they're cheap and meaty. How many can I squeeze in a standard size GOSM? Anybody got a good simple recipe for an appropriate rub? Otherwise I'll just stick with the trusted Tony Chachere's.
  13. analog assassin

    What else can be smoked with good flavour?

    Sugar cane. Pecan shells.
  14. analog assassin

    Anyone use Jack Miller's sauce?

    I know we have some guys from La. here. Anybody use Jack Miller's BBQ sauce? It's not the traditional sweet smoky sauce.It's got lots of onions, it's thick, kind of tangy. Someone told me a similar sauce is being made under the name of "Pig Stand." Jack Miller's is popular on burgers at fairs...
  15. analog assassin

    Sunbeam thermometer

    Wow. If that Sunbeam gives out, I'll get that one. I'm a lazy bastard. Now that I said that, the Sunbeam will probably never go out.
  16. analog assassin

    Sunbeam thermometer

    Found a digital Sunbeam probe thermometer at Wal Mart. $14. Looks similar in function to the other ones I've seen discussed here. Comes with battery.
  17. analog assassin

    GOSM smoke pot replacment

    I saw one at Wallyworld that was larger than the stock GOSM box, cast iron. I might get that one and keep the smaller one in the gas grill.
  18. analog assassin

    Ribs, GOSM, and temps

    Ah, I see. Still, small world.
  19. analog assassin

    Ribs, GOSM, and temps

    Ha! Then you know his wife! She works with you, her name is Toni.
  20. analog assassin

    Ribs, GOSM, and temps

    Wow. Small world. I live in Lockport but my friend lives in Bayou Blue. We were in a band together. He worked at Computalog for a while but now works at Black Warrior.