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  1. arnie

    Choosing A Good Electric (CookShack vs Bradley vs Traeger?)

    I have a large and small Traeger which I use mostly for grilling. I I have a Cookshack Amerique and SM260 which I use for smoking. I bought my first Cookshack (Smokette) 25 years ago. After using it for 10 years I sold it for what I paid for it. 
  2. arnie

    Does anyone use a Cookshack Smoker ?

    Used my first Cook Shack (Smokette) for 10 years Sold it 6 years ago for what I paid for it and bought an AmeriQue. 4 years ago I bought a SM 260. The only problems I've ever had with any of my Cook Shacks have been operator error. GREAT WELL BUILT SMOKERS!
  3. arnie

    Wanting a new larger smoker

    I have a friend who has a BGE but wanted more capacity and easier usage so he bought a Cookshack 066 AmeriQue like mine. He loves it as muck as I do mine. He still used his BGE for steaks, but when he wants to smoke it goes on the AmeriQue
  4. arnie

    Beef Pricing

    Great advice BadMoon! In most cases it is well worth the price differance
  5. arnie

    Beer Can Chicken in Beer Sauce - Great way to start the weekend!

    Nicely done! Bravo! I like to make and save chicken broth also; you never know when it will come in handy Thank you for adding in the food safety reminder Well played, far too often we take it for granted everyone knows enough about food safety
  6. arnie

    Does This Cookshack ( UPDATED I BOUGHT IT!!!) 009 Look Like It's Been Used 3X

    OMG! You stoled it! You're gonna love the way it smokes
  7. arnie

    1st smoke on my Cookshack

    Good job! Cookshacks are hard to beat!
  8. arnie

    Cookshack help

    The AmeriQue works as well on a small load as it does on a full load. I wish I still had my Smokette for time when I need a little more capacity   But since I don't I had to purchase a SM260 You will love the set it and forget it ability of the AmeriQue 
  9. arnie

    thominator, I just bought a factory reconditioned 260 from Cookshack with a probe, SS rib racks...

    thominator, I just bought a factory reconditioned 260 from Cookshack with a probe, SS rib racks and a 3 year guarantee for $5000. I am interested in picking up another 260 if the price is right. Please send me a few pictures. If it is in great shape I'd offer $3000. PM me, email me, or call me...
  10. arnie

    Does anyone use a Cookshack Smoker ?

    Cookshacks are well worth the cost. My first Cookshack was a Smokette it is 15 years old now and still working like a champ, and it has never had a part  changed or needed any type of service I sold it 5 years ago for what I paid for it, I don't know of any other brand smoker that would be...
  11. arnie

    Does This Cookshack ( UPDATED I BOUGHT IT!!!) 009 Look Like It's Been Used 3X

    From what I can see of the grates I’d say it hasn't had much use. By the amount of discoloration on the door and the insides I'd bet the owner was using too much wood and/or the wood he was using was green or wet. If all he wants is $275 for it I'd say jump on it and don't look back. I sold my...
  12. arnie

    What is the best overall electric smoker?

    I need to update my position on electric smokers. While I still believe Cookshack makes the best electric smoker on the market without a doubt I believe MES makes a good entry level smoker. A MES smoker will not last near as long as a Cookshack, but they don’t cost as much either and you get...
  13. arnie

    Danger Zone - Yes, another question...

    Unfortunately you cannot regulate common sense. Just look around and go checkout Morons In The News. I have to agree with Martin. It just ain’t worth getting sick over. When in doubt toss it out
  14. arnie

    Fattie questions

    You owe it to yourself to try this one out I've done it a couple of times and also used it in a class I taught last month It's a real winner
  15. arnie

    Sweet and spicy pickles

    Hey, now there's something new worth trying Do you put any of the pickle juice or other liquid in the jar?        
  16. arnie

    Comment by 'arnie' in media 'DSC07186.JPG'

    Nice job!
  17. arnie

    Defective Spare Ribs?

    I’m with JP61 and Willie. I say I use the 3-2-1 method, but I tend to vary the 2 up and down and that is extremely subjective depending on the ribs, who I am cooking for, day of the week, price of beans, etc ...........................    
  18. arnie

    Non jalapeno ABT ?

     FWIsmoker    it is against the law to make ABTs with anything other than a jalapeño. If you use anything else it’s a Shirley Temple OK, ok! So I made that up       I used to make ABTs by cutting the tops off and scooping out the innards with a baby spoon, but I would have too many...
  19. arnie

    Buffalo Chicken Lollipops

    steve-o90 thanks for bringing this back up I'm sorry to say I haven't tried this yet I've got to find my round-to-it
  20. arnie

    The Smoke Ring Fatty

    Pokernut I finally got me a bundt cake pan for the right price. Nothing and it was delivered. If I can have my way I will try your recipe out next weekend.