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  1. lugnutz

    Time for a change

    Hi all! I have been a long time user of the UDS, but I am ready for a change. I am interested in a Pit Boss series 5 or a Masterbuilt 40 inch digital charcoal. Pit Boss is in the lead for it's ability to be set at 150. The Masterbuilt is tempting because I still love charcoal and wood chunks...
  2. lugnutz

    gettin my redneck smoke on!

    3am it was finally done!!  I'm going to re heat it in the oven so I can pull it. Would have liked to done that last night but ran out of energy! I did get a sample bite before bed, the bark was maybe a bit salty but once pulled it should mix in nicely with the rest of the meat. 
  3. gettin my redneck smoke on!

    gettin my redneck smoke on!

  4. lugnutz

    gettin my redneck smoke on!

    It's been forever since I've used my smoker for anything fun like pulled pork, but I had the rare 4 day weekend this week. First three days were wonderful and very productive with mowing, tree trimming and general clean up with the occasional outing on the motorcycle. So day 4 is a day to relax...
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  6. lugnutz

    Hey all I'm still alive !

    I got a 3 day weekend coming up, maybe I can squeeze in a smoke and a good ride!
  7. lugnutz

    My Saturday morning....

    I do love me some lump!
  8. lugnutz

    Hey all I'm still alive !

    Thanks JJ  maybe it will inspire my next smoke ??
  9. lugnutz

    Hey all I'm still alive !

    Been forever and a day since I've been around. My smoker is neglected, but every chance I get I still help out anyone that asks for help or suggestions when it comes to our beloved sport of smoking meat.  As a matter of fact in the last month I've pointed 2 people to this site so they can get a...
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