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  1. scorpion79

    Couple Questions with a Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker

    Just got mine today. On sale at Home Depot for $99!!! Anyway I bought the cast iron skillet and may add something under the chip tray to raise it after I test it out but as for the seal, I bought replacement gasketing for a fireplace door. 5/8” by 6’ black tape with cement included. Was $7 at...
  2. scorpion79

    Meat injector Gun or Syringe?

    And a partial explanation I gave indeed. lol. Now the clerk is thinking of doing the same thing.
  3. scorpion79

    Meat injector Gun or Syringe?

    Where, what is it and how much was that smokin brother
  4. scorpion79

    Meat injector Gun or Syringe?

    I actually saw a vaccine gun at TSC and thought about getting it but was unsure if the needles from cheaper marinade syringes would fit with it. Only thing that stopped me from buying it
  5. scorpion79

    Meat injector Gun or Syringe?

    Yea, It was a stocking stuffer........Funny thing is it could not even fill that a little either. lol I have seen others like the spitjack. Any success with other kinds??
  6. scorpion79

    Meat injector Gun or Syringe?

    Not a professional cook by any means, more like a Backyard Chef. Was bought a CHEAP syringe style for Xmas......tried it, plunger does not work and will not suck up liquid....thats all I got to say about it!  I have wondered what style or even which one(Injector) people prefer? Was wondering...
  7. scorpion79

    Made my first one!

    Next time I am gonna try to roll it up then wrap the bacon. But oh still tasted good. lol. And Thanks!!
  8. scorpion79

    Made my first one!

    Also had a couple Pork Tenderloins in my rub that I smoked as well. All in All last night tasted REAL GOOD!!
  9. Made my first one!

    Made my first one!

  10. scorpion79

    Made my first one!

    Filled it with Sauteed Mushrooms, Red and Green peppers, Onions and Colby Jack Cheese and even wrapped it in my 1st ever Bacon Weave!!! Turned out DELICIOUS!! I just wish I would have pre baked the Bacon a little to crisp it up more!
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  18. scorpion79

    If you want a smoke ring with your MES, try this.

    Has anyone tried a little Lump in the chip tray and pellets in the AMPS?? Any luck with a ring?
  19. scorpion79

    Can't wait for my Christmas gifts to myself to arrive

    Just bought an A-Maze-N Pellet smoker package and also a new Maverick 733!! Its gonna be a good next couple days!!!
  20. scorpion79

    Gonna do my first Tri Tip

    Only the second thing I have smoked so far in my MES 30. So here are a few questions. I am gonna do 250* until it hits 125 to 130 internal then I am gonna fol it. But, Where do you guys and gals put the probe in the smoker at for the temp? Gonna be inside the meat obviously but do you go through...