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  1. scott in kansas

    Interesting budget pellet

    I have the same. Partner saw it for half-price and got it for me. Our gas grill is reallly old and I've eyeing a pellet smoker. Haven't had it long but I've baked (potato), grilled burgers/etc, made pizza, and smoked a couple of items. Happy so far.
  2. scott in kansas

    Canadian Bacon

    Thank you for the recipe! Turned out great!
  3. scott in kansas

    Grinding meat

    I've used my KitchenAid mixer with the grinder attachment. But then I got addicted to making my own sausage and killed the mixer. Then I bought a LEM #5 Big Bite Meat Grinder - 0.35 HP and have had no regrets. I chose that size since it would work with almost all of LEM's attachments. Good luck...
  4. scott in kansas

    Fresh Ham

    Thanks everyone for the advice and concern. Luckily, I didn't have bone sour and it turned out tasty. Next time I will do more research and not rely on Ruhlman. And it sounds like I need to get an injector. I really appreciate the helpful comments. -Scott
  5. scott in kansas

    Fresh Ham

    Wow, I've never heard of bone sour and I've never heard of injecting brine! I'll have to learn more about this. I followed the recipe for the brine. It is dependent on the amount of water so you maintain a certain level of salinity. I had to mix three batches to get enough brine to cover the ham...
  6. scott in kansas

    Fresh Ham

    I'm using a recipe from "Charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn. I like this book. Basically, the brine was salt, pink salt, and brown sugar. I brined for 1/2 day per pound plus a couple extra due to scheduling. After a couple of hours on the smoker, I rubbed on a glaze of brown sugar...
  7. scott in kansas

    Fresh Ham

    This monster 27-pound ham is from the last pig we got from a neighbor/friend. I brined it for 16 days and now have it in the smoker with my new A-Maze_N. Might be a late night!
  8. scott in kansas

    Pork Shooters

    Made these today using the jalapeno rings. I used my homemade bacon, so the bacon width was not as consistant. Smoked with mesquite and cherry. Fantastic!
  9. scott in kansas

    FREE Double Smoked Ham (Big Spiral Surprise)

    Wow! This turned out fantastic. Our daughter sent a spiral-sliced ham home with us for me to smoke for her. After my quality control checks, she will be getting back a slightly lighter ham :) Not sure she'll get any of the candied bacon. Thank you, Bearcarver for the great recipe!
  10. scott in kansas

    Hello from Kansas

    Hi Everyone, I'm here in Topeka, Kansas and have been smoking since 2006. I've gone through two propane vertical water smokers. I got frustrated trying to smoke in the cold and wind and bought a Masterbuilt electric smoker. It's insulated so I can smoke year-round! I've been receiving the...
  11. scott in kansas

    Nut woods/Nut Allergies

    Is there any danger for people with nut allergies using nut wood to smoke?