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  1. bilder

    Whup@$$ Coleslaw,

    Just made this.  Great recipe.   No sugar added which is what I was looking for. 
  2. bilder

    What are "Chitterlings"?

    They are not bad if cooked properly. Intestines are used for a number of food products, sausage casings being the most common.
  3. bilder

    Pork price

    Local Wal Mart has them for 1.24-1.47 depending on the cut. Another grocer has monthly sales and butt is .99/lb during that time.  Always pick up some when it is on sale along with the bags of chicken hind quarters for .59/lb.
  4. bilder

    Good deal on a digital smoker in the Pacific NW

    Bi Mart has the Smoke Hollow digital electric smoker for $140 through Saturday. I picked one up to replace my old smoker and have been putting it through the paces this past week.  So far it has performed well. Great price for a digital control electric.
  5. bilder

    Gonna try this again

    Former member, returning after several years away.   Live in the hillbilly part of Oregon, before that I lived in Alaska for some 20 years.  Been smoking and curing my own meats since I was a kid.  Last 20 years or so been mainly smoking salmon and curing some sausage and bacon here and there. ...
  6. bilder


    The first thing I plan to smoke if I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest is  Moose Jerky!!!
  7. bilder


    Where did you catch those?  We are still working on the reds from dip netting this year.  55 fish in one tide!  Took longer to clean them than it did to catch them. Got a bunch canned and vac packed, still pulling them out of the freezer to smoke up on my days off.  Now to get some silvers to...
  8. bilder

    No foil butt, first time, update it's done!!!

    Just did a butt without foil.  Put it in the 225 smoker at 6pm and at 8:30am it was at a happy 199 degrees.  Nice being able to sleep through a smoke and have it turn out like this. The bark, oh the lovely bark!  Almost did not need to pull this one as it was falling apart on its own while...
  9. bilder

    Deer Batch Fine....Beef Batch NASTY.....

    Most commercial beef is injected with liquid to help maintain color and moisture while at the store.  The added moisture may be the reason it is taking longer to dry.  I finish my beef jerky in the dehydrator if needed or just give it more time in the smoker.
  10. bilder

    I just can't take it anymore.

    Nestled between the snow scoop and the snow blower.   Had it going at minus 5 a couple weeks ago no problems.  Move it inside the non heated garage when not in use and pull it out come smoke time.
  11. bilder

    Cold Weather Climate and Looking for a MES

    I have smoked some chickens when the temps were minus 5 with my MES 40. Runs like a champ in freezing temps.    Doing some butts this weekend although the temps are forecast to be in the mid to high 20's.
  12. bilder

    Butts by the case

    Costco beats Sam's up here on meat prices by about 15 cents a pound.  Only thing is that Costco butts have had the bone removed, so if you prefer bone in then you have to go elsewhere.
  13. bilder

    Alaskan smelt

    Up here they are called Hooligan or Candlefish.  Similar to the ones you get in the lower 48 but with a higher oil content. My smoking recipe is very difficult.  Extremely difficult.  So pay close attention. 6 cups water 2 cups Yoshida's Original Sauce That is it. Pretty hard isn't it? ...
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  16. bilder

    Time to smoke some salmon.

    Well here is a shot of the fish after a few hours in the smoker: Had some trouble with my AMNS going out.  Fish drippings kept finding their way onto the dust.  Had to fashion a tin foil shield to keep that from happening.  Here is the end result: Nice and tasty according to my kids. ...
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  19. bilder

    Time to smoke some salmon.

    Ok, time for the drying and smoking phase. After the fish has had a nice swim in the brine, you remove it, pat dry and lay out on racks in cool dry air for an hour or two to let the pellicle form.  The pellicle is a thin, tacky, skin like membrane that forms over the surface of the fish.  The...
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