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  1. jeff 1

    Where to get smoking wood?

    I use whatever I can come by. I will pickup logs from recently downed trees and then take home to split with my axe. I have oak, ash, maple, pecan, Bradford pear, and some hickory. Hickory is what I like most but its hard to come by at times although Home Depot and Walmart both sell mini logs.
  2. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    They didn't look quite as done as your last shot but maybe in between the first and second shot and still have some more shrinking to do. I am betting they will be done at the 12 hour mark or pretty close which is really good for me since I am used to it taking butts a lot longer in my other...
  3. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    Been in there about 8.5-9 hours at 225 and already looking like yours in the pics. Only opened door twice to refill amnts and sprayed at same time. I've decided to keep them naked being I don't have to worry about keeping fire going. Im already impressed with the bark being it is an electric...
  4. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    i limit the door being opened only to replacing the amnts when it is burned out.
  5. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    Got them in about an hour ago. Put one on bottom rack and the other on second from top. 12" tube filled with hickory and apple. I'm pretty sure 2 butts are going to be the limit for this smoker and that is fine with me. Curious how well the bark will do with electric.
  6. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    They are about 7.5 a peice. Got them both rubbed down and wrapped in fridge right now. Not going to put anything in the drip pan. May spray with apple juice or baste with a mixture. Will prob use my tube for smoke with Apple and hickory pellets
  7. jeff 1

    2 butts in mes30

    How well will 2 butts do in a mes30? I have yet to even cook a butt in this smoker but have done many cooks with 2-4 butts in a vertical brinkman charcoal smoker and that thing was a messy pain when it was full and took forever. The 2 butts I have are what I would call small average.
  8. jeff 1

    Common Bacon Mistakes

    I like undercooked bacon sometime. I also like to use the microwave on occasion.
  9. jeff 1

    Cold smoking bacon

    Just make sure you get it mixed real good so the cure#1 is even. Other then that just turn every day in a sealed bag. The basic ratio don't look like much but it makes a real good bacon. I think the 2% salt is perfect. And if you like a sweeter bacon just adjust the sugar from 1% to 2% or 3%...
  10. jeff 1

    Cold smoking bacon

    No problem! It is my go to for curing. All you need when making a dry cure imo and being able to adjust it to preference and having the conversion calculator I don't know what else you would need.
  11. jeff 1

    Basics on Using Own Wood

    Smaller the splits or chunks the faster it will cure. Other then that time will depend on how where and environment. Could speed it up with heat. A few people like to use wood like Apple when still green. I would get rid of the fungus and what not and anything rotten.
  12. jeff 1

    Which Kingsford charcoal is KBB/Kingsford Blue Bag?

    I would say original since it has been around in a blue bag for ever. But I am also like Four20 and walk past it to get a red bag of Royal Oak lump.
  13. jeff 1

    Cold smoking bacon Try this calculator. It is what I use for basic dry cure. You can adjust the salt and sugar ratios how you want but don't change the cure ratio. Then you can add whatever other flavoring you want. Me personally I like the basic 2% salt 1% sugar...
  14. jeff 1

    Red wine Apple pellets.

    I tried the red wine Apple pellets for first time yesterday on a couple of small chickens. Used them in the tray mixed with a little hickory to help them burn. Gave the chicken a very good light sweet smoke flavor and aroma. I feel they are going to be a new favorite of mine so I am using them...
  15. jeff 1

    Chilli powder too old?

    I have got to where if it something I don't use much of I buy the herb or spice whole and then grind it up when I need it. Ground spices and herbs degrade flavor fast.
  16. jeff 1

    B&B Charcoal?

    Burns hot and long, I have used it many times, I still like the flavor of RO over B&B
  17. jeff 1

    Tips for smoking garlic

    High acid content, garlic has no acid
  18. jeff 1

    What is curing salt? And when to use?

    Curing salt is sodium nitrite mixed with salt, normally pink and has like 6.25% sodium nitrite. It is called many different things but will usually have the #1 in it. There is also a #2 that has both nitrite and nitrate, you would rarely need that one and is intended for really long curing like...
  19. jeff 1

    New mes30 owner, first smoke issues

    I will try and take some when it don't look like my 4 year old put it together
  20. jeff 1

    Bad luck on Amazin pellets again.

    Is the perforation on your tray cleaned well also? I know I got to clean mine really well sometime especially if I've used dust. What type smoker? This time of year when the temp starts to drop and the sun goes down and things get still it can suffocate my cold smokes. The smoke will fall out of...