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  1. doc

    greetings from sunny florida

    Welcome JohnZ! Good to have another FL boy in our ranks. Heck, we may be able to give those Michiganders a run for their money! Welcome aboard SMF!
  2. doc

    Wish Tonto well

    Theresa, get better quick! We're pulling for ya here in FL. Bud, don't let that Lang get cold while she's away!
  3. doc

    Flrida Smoke Out, Please Read

    Sounds like it will be awesome. Unfortunately, the EMPLOYER will require my services that weekend. I am extremely jealous! You guys have fun and remember to post many many pics of all tht delicious food!
  4. doc

    Florida Smoke Out

    Sounds good to me... I only get every 5th weekend off though. Perhaps the stars will allign and I can make it!
  5. doc

    Just For Fun While We Wait

    Yeah Terry, I think I have damn near stubbed my toe on the dog doing the same thing. However my cat-like reflexes saved the grub from certain doom and the dog knows I'm on to her!
  6. doc

    hello from dallas

    Welcome aboard! Dig in, this place is deep with great info! Save the ink and just copy and paste the posts into Word. Save ya some serious $$! Good to have ya here on SMF!
  7. doc

    Smoker Covers

    Yep, I grabbed the one from Amazon and she works like a champ! Gotta love Amazon. Maybe we need to have Jeff add those to the SMF store as to help the coverless out there? Will help to bring in the dough to further the cause...
  8. doc

    hello from florida!!

    Ahh its good to see we Floridians are growing in numbers! Where abouts are ya? Welcome aboard SMF, dig in and enjoy!
  9. doc

    I need the help of my smoking family!!

    LOL. Hardly, unless they'll be serving frosty bevs on the golf course. I got my lifetime quota during my younger, less responsible days living in ATL!
  10. doc

    Share A Moment....

    Monty, I am an animal maniac myself and have felt that pain more than a few times. I can say its never easy, but press on and take it in stride. We're all feelin' for you. You'll find a new buddy soon enough. Delilah wanted to say hi too. I will blame the ridiculous sweater on her mother...
  11. doc

    I finaly got a deal!

    Nice job! Now we need the Q view out of that bad boy!
  12. doc

    Floridian here

    Nah. It doesn't bother me. I've got lots of yankee friends!
  13. doc

    I need the help of my smoking family!!

    Awesome advise all. Appreciated as always!
  14. doc

    Floridian here

    Yup. 5th generation on my dad's side!
  15. doc

    Floridian here

    Welcome aboard Scotty, from one cracker to another!
  16. doc

    I need the help of my smoking family!!

    Sounds like aplan. I think somewhere I want a foodsaver, but methinks the fiancee disapproves of them. Are they worth the hype?
  17. doc

    I need the help of my smoking family!!

    Guys/gals I am looking to cook a couple of butts a few days ahead of when I want to serve them. Here's the scenario. I am getting married in Oct. and me and the boys are getting together for a long weekend of golf and fishing. I figure to help save some $$ I will smoke up a couple of butts to...
  18. doc

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboard SMF! We will share in your sucesses and not-so-sucesses alike. We're here for ya and willlook forward to the Q view (lots of pics, yes we love them) !
  19. doc

    See the World ... Smell the Smoke

    WD, It is a 'small' block GOSM and the foil was my rigged up rain hood as it was sprinkling that day. The brick served as the stand for my therms. Yup, that's my water pan and it is full of water and drippings. Said wicked beans I did not stir and they still turned out delicious. I may have to...
  20. doc

    See the World ... Smell the Smoke

    Alright everyone here goes! Here's a smoke I did for a small get together about a month ago. There's some pulled pork, spare ribs, a couple fattys and some wicked beans. Butt before and after pulling. Here's the TBS. And the rest of the finished products! Enjoy!