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  1. paredneck42

    Second bacon from winter bacon fest...

    Looks Awsome!!
  2. paredneck42

    Separate fire box

    hey Jimmy i built mine in 2009 after years of using commercial smokers i can cold and hot smoke in it and there is no extra heat source inside all heat and smoke is piped in here is some pics of it it is 8' tall and 4'x4' wide hope this helps temps i can range around 70 deg at top of smoker upto...
  3. paredneck42

    Black Cherry ok for smoking?

    I have alot of Black Cherry on property we own upstate and it is a good smoking wood i cut down what needs to be cut for foodplots and etc but try not to go crazy as they are a big money tree in my part of country, but excellent wood i agree with everyone here its cherry use it and dont let it rot!!
  4. paredneck42

    Green wood

    i am currently smoking with green hickory that has been felled in last 2 months, u can smoke with it but use an alternative wood with it as they said it will give a bitter taste to the meat the greener it is. When it is dry u can strictly use it as i do from wood left over from year prior. I am...
  5. paredneck42

    Pure Venison

    No ive seen some recipes that call for that but i forget where. I just mix with pork for fresh sausage and smoked and beef for bologna and sticks, I make my own sweet sticks with molasses but i mix beef in with it i could see doing only deer as the molasses would keep them from drying out!
  6. paredneck42

    Need Help on a Hot/Cold Smoke House Design

    Hey I built my smoke house in 2009 its 8' tall and 4'x4' wide it has a firebox to the side about 4 feet from the smokehouse i can cold smoke depending on outdoor temp around 70 degrees at the top of smokehouse and can get a max if i wanted to which i never do upto almost 300 it is on a concret...
  7. paredneck42

    Looking to Smoke first Cheese

    Thanks Beer B Q I have some fresh split Hickory and Sassafras and Cherry and also got some Maple at camp but that dont help me now!!
  8. paredneck42

    Looking to Smoke first Cheese

    Well i usually smoke meat pork,deer,beef,fish but always wanted to do cheese since i love it and love the smoked cheese i buy at the stores. I built my own smoker, wood fired traditional,indirect heat i can keep the lower part around 50 degrees or so i think ill be alright i guess my...
  9. paredneck42

    New Guy

    Thanks everyone and Bear i am familiar with that area we have camps up north! The closest to where u are talking we have one 7miles north of Slate Run and we have no electricity and running water in that one!! Love the area up there though and the fishing! Where are u from? Yea about an hour...
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  12. paredneck42

    Help with smoking snack sticks

    Anybody want a real good sweet stick recipe let me know!!
  13. paredneck42

    New Guy

    Thanks Everyone for the Welcomes. les how is going up there i dont get that far northwest but to go to Tioga county alot!!
  14. paredneck42

    New Guy

    yes les about 20 miles north how is the living up there? And thanks everyone this site is kinda confusing at first. Still cant change my profile pic alot to learn i guess.haha
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