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  1. panhead

    traeger opinions

    ive been using that little traeger like a rented mule,,lol...its a breeze to cook  on but I still use the stick burner for anything big...
  2. traeger opinions

    traeger opinions

  3. panhead

    traeger opinions

    I just picked this little traeger up at a thrift store I paid 40 dollars for it and its working fine,just needs the grill grate and a thermometer.i haven't cooked on it yet but I was wondering if anyone has any info or opinions on this little smoker
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  6. panhead

    Homemade Pizza in the Smoker with Q-view

    i have done a ton of pizza  on the grill,being in brooklyn new york gives me access to all the italian specialties like sausages smoked mozzarella and such.but i never did one in the smoker because i thought the dough wouldnt crisp up.especially on the i just have to try one in the...
  7. panhead

    peta attacks bikers over leather jackets

    Apparently a fake story, but good for a laugh anyways. Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews) - Animal Rights Activists protest Leather-wearing at a biker rally Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after reports of three animal rights activists missing after...
  8. panhead

    dried basil stems..

    i grew a pretty large amount of basil this year,,i have all the dried out stems and i wondered id they would be any good to put in my smoker..has anyone tried anything like this and whats your opinion on this....
  9. panhead

    finishing sauce for pulled pork..i made by accident

    i really wanted more of a thicker type hot sauce but it turned out very thin,,,perfect for pulled pork,,i like a nice vinegar sauce on the pulled pork
  10. panhead

    finishing sauce for pulled pork..i made by accident

    i attempted to make a hot sauce from an online recipe.that i altered a little ..well it didnt go as planned but....when i tasted the really bad attempt at hot sauce i said to i just found a great spicy finishing sauce for pulled pork..its spicy but i like it that way 6 habanero...
  11. panhead

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    i recemtly made these beans but...i used habaneros in place of jalpenos.....yeahhh baby
  12. panhead

    Hey d8de ....

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  15. panhead

    Hey d8de ....

    i just finished one..i wrapped it in bacon with hard boiled eggs in the center..its in the cooler right now since everyone in the house but myself  are still sleeping..i cant wait to cut into it,since its my first attempt at scottish egg fatty
  16. panhead

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    waiting on my brisket to smoke..i started it at 4 am and its coming along quite well...
  17. panhead

    Your Go to Specialty

    i voted pork.because i find myself smoking pork shoulder for pulled pork and smoking ribs because everyone enjoys it and its really not too absolute fave is a brisket..i love smoked brisket but it is a bit expensive in my part of the country..and dutches wicked beans are usually on...
  18. panhead

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    Doing Another Batch Tomorrow,,i Am Leaving To Go Shopping Now,,i Cant Wait
  19. panhead

    ready for summer cooking

    wow thats some wood pile you have there...i see that you are well prepared for a great season