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  1. lobo

    Good brisket,but no smoke ring ??

    I have the MES as well and have yet to get a smoke ring on anything I have smoked. Taste and moistness have always been great, just no smoke ring even though I add chips through out the smoke to keep generating the smoke. The brisket I complete last night (after 14 hours to reach the 185 degree...
  2. lobo

    Beef brisket in masterbuilt

    Welcome Aaron and congratulations on your new smoker. I too have the Masterbuilt and it worked well for me. Just remember to be patient when smoking and to cure your new smoker. Just put some chips in the wood box and let her rip for a few hours with the dampener open. This will burn off all the...
  3. lobo

    Complete Beginner

    Welcome to the forum rynd2it! Lots to learn here with others really willing to help. But first things first. I would suggest the e-course offered here It will really help you along.
  4. lobo

    Hi from ohio

    Welcome to the forum r2rworld! Good information on electric smokers here: Look out world....we could have an electric smokin stampede
  5. lobo

    another beginner

    Welcome to the forum mhamilton1. I would suggest to sign up for the e-course offered here. Lots of good information presented to help you with a successful smoke I just smoked my first successful brisket this week. Bought a select packer...
  6. lobo


    Welcome to the forum chefloydb! Enjoy your stay!
  7. lobo

    Hello from Cedar Key, Florida

    Welcome to the forum Flash!
  8. lobo

    Hello all! from east Michigan

    Welcome to the forum DB. Good luck with the 16 footer!
  9. lobo

    First time smoker

    Welcome to the forum wwinflorida! Lots to absorb here to help you along in your smoking adventures. Like others have said, mop the meats with liquid and wrap 'em up for some tender eat'n.
  10. lobo

    Hello All

    Welcome Ima! Glad you found us. Us newbies could always use some good 'ol smokin wisdom.
  11. lobo

    ATTENTION vistors!!

    Sometimes I just pop in without signing in. Needed a quick reference temp on a brisket smoke the other day. You better believe I found what I was looking for here!!!
  12. lobo

    Hello all!

    Welcome Justin! Looks like another Texan has been added to the bunch. Enjoy your stay!
  13. lobo

    Tony from New Jersey

    Welcome Tony! Enjoy your stay!
  14. lobo

    Uffda from North Dakota

    Welcome Kevin! Lots of good info here to help you along for successful smokes.
  15. lobo

    Hello From Peculiar MO.

    Welcome Henry! Good luck with the smoke. Lots of good info here for rookies.
  16. lobo

    Rookie Adventure

    Thanks to all for the positive reinforcement. Makes a rookie want to take on more smokin' adventures. Now if I can just remember to spray the racks with Pam or something the next time and open the vent a little more to better the steam vent. I had water leaking out the front bottom during my...
  17. lobo

    Babybak`s today~pics

    UMMM! Looking mighty tasty!!! I need to remember to spray my racks with some Pam or something next time. Had to break out the ol' tire brush to get them suckers clean.
  18. lobo

    shoulder blade style ribs(country)

    Looks tasty!!!
  19. lobo


    Welcome aboard Mrs.B! Lots of good info here for the newbie smoker. Being a newbie myself, I lurked around abit then went and bought a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. I just used mine for the first time today and WOW. Great first time results with ribs using the 3-2-1 method mentioned here. Enjoy...
  20. lobo

    Saying Howdy

    Welcome aboard John! As you have found out, lots of good info here in SMF.