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  1. csmith2884

    Broke out the ECB---did mods and running temp tests

     I tell lots of folks if that gets to be a pain to keep dialed in the propane conversion linked to my name is a great way to make a darn good cheap smoker. I love mine and can still do charcoal if I feel the need.
  2. csmith2884

    First fatty, your average breakfast fattie. Qview

    Another victim, once you make one of those things you will look at everything you eat and think you can make a fatty out of it. 
  3. csmith2884

    Smoked Chicken Wings Rolled up with Bacon

     Ok so I want to try those.. Great Job
  4. csmith2884

    ECB- Did the mods, still won't stay hot enough. Now what?

     Is the 9 inch grate up off the bottom of the charcoal pan? I have two steel blocks that lift it up about an inch or 1.5 inches made all the difference in air flow. I now have a gourmet that works on propane or charcoal but with the 3 R2D2's I had I could get 300+ no problem just couldn't keep...
  5. csmith2884

    2 Pork Shoulders on the UDS - Lots of QView

     I wish I was there pulling up a chair....mac and cheese with pulled pork....genius.
  6. csmith2884

    Popping my Smokin Cherry with a 9 lbs Pork Butt - With Q-View

     Looks great ...sure would have liked some pulled photos but great first time.
  7. csmith2884

    Memorial Day Fatties

     Did you like them with the bacon that dark? Or was it an edible accident. Great ideas about the ingredients. I like many more combinations than the family does. 
  8. csmith2884

    country ribs on the ecb w q

    They look great. Wish I had a plate of those.
  9. csmith2884

    Question about brinkman ECB smokers

    Not sure total time has to be 40+ hours at least. Even in the winter, as soon as I think it feels light I swap it out to my camper that has an auto switch over (two tanks). Best tip for when you order the gas unit ..get some wood chunks at the discount rate. I got peach which is hard to find...
  10. csmith2884

    Question about brinkman ECB smokers

    Follow the link the one you will need is the v-burner great price and super customer service. It drops right in the pan I was lucky and found a second charcoal base so I can do both at the same time, but it would only take about 2 min to change over. Temps it will do most anything 325 is the...
  11. csmith2884

    Fatty Does Philly - [Qview]

    Nice looking ingredients, welcome to the fattie club(taking new members on 4-20..sweet) your hooked now, if your like me you will spend lots of time in the market going "wonder how that would be in a fattie"
  12. csmith2884

    Question about brinkman ECB smokers

    My smoker started life as a brinkman gourmet also have had several ECB's the air flow into the fire is much better with the gourmet better yet if you do a super simple mod of adding an extra grate to lift up the coals a bit and let in more air. I like that you lift the whole thing to add fuel on...
  13. csmith2884

    Big Green Egg

    Don't have or use one but sounds like a great deal. Everyone I have seen looked to be very good quality wise. Enjoy
  14. csmith2884

    Where's the "DUDE" ?

    Missed by me too.
  15. csmith2884

    Enjoying the fruits of my labor (qview)

    Very nice and you had the hard work done, so easy and fast.
  16. csmith2884

    *Official* Easter ham thread

    Well I knew I would get to this post sooner or later, for Easter here 2 6-7 pound per cooked spiral sliced hams, a 4-5 pound pork crown roast and a 3 pound venison roast. So smoker will be busy. I do my hams (precooked) with a baste/glaze combo I have been working on. 3/4 cup brown sugar...
  17. csmith2884

    Down but not smoker was damaged

    You have a new recipe the scotch tape chicken.
  18. csmith2884

    Pissed off royally

    X 2 should have done it long ago.
  19. csmith2884

    Sweet TATORS ~ How to ??????????

    My g/f loves the things baked like a potato till soft sliced in half with brown sugar and butter...having them tonight with steaks, beef and venison, and a green salad.
  20. csmith2884

    hello from upstate new york

    Welcome I lived in just north of Potsdam for a time. You live in a beautiful place. So much to learn here but sounds like you are not afraid to throw anything in the smoke. We like that here.