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  1. big e

    New printer propane smoker?

    I build my UDS last year and now everything looks like a potential smoker to me. I found this sucker today while on its way to printer heaven and I immedately thought propane smoker. It would have to be gutted and burned out, but its basically a metal cabinet. Too much trouble? Thoughts?
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  6. big e

    Kentucky Weather

    I haven't picked up any good stuff yet. I was thinking of getting some pear wood though. Seems like they were all destroyed.
  7. big e

    Taste and smell gone. Having a hard time.

    Thanks for the kind words from everyone. Oh yea Neilmed and I are great friends. I started with the rinse about 6mos ago and that stuff is great. Opens up everything really nice. I also have the APNEA and boy does the wife love sleeping with Darth Vader. I think my problem is that the nerves...
  8. big e

    Kentucky Weather

    Yep it has been bad here. We were the lucky ones and only went without power for 2 days.
  9. big e

    Taste and smell gone. Having a hard time.

    Well, I ran into something a few weeks ago that I never guessed would have been a problem. I have completely lost my sense of taste and smell and I am having a really hard time with it. So three weeks ago I had a viral sinus infection. At the time I didn't know it was viral, thought it was just...
  10. big e

    Forget jerky - make yourself some biltong :-)

    Hmmmm... Interesting
  11. big e

    Wood choice for pulled pork

    Personally, I like the apple and use it all the way through. The mesquite seems to be a bit much and the family doen't like it as much. It still seems to get eaten though. I might see if I can hunt down some pecan.
  12. big e

    Move over Colonel Sanders!!!

    Lookin good! Save me some leftovers and I'll be by tonight to pick em up. I might have to give that a shot... if I ever have any left over pulled pork that is.
  13. big e

    Taboo Questions

    I had a wonderful yellow chilli a ton of years ago at a party. I could not stop eating the stuff. It was regular chilli, but yellow. I think the color was due to melted Velveta cheese in the pot. Midas well have been crack! I couldn't put it down. I asked for the recipe and of course it was a...
  14. big e

    Remote thermometers

    Thanks for the tip. I am in your backyard and will hit the WM to see if I can hunt down a few.
  15. big e

    Marks Feed Store - Clarksville IN

    I'm just across the water in Louisville and I have to say that I am not a fan of Mark's Feed Store. It seems to me that they rely more on their sauces to add flavor. We used to eat there and it was fine... until I started smoking at home. Once you have tasted good smoky meat it's hard to go...
  16. big e

    15lb. Northern Industrial Stuffer Arrived!

    Looks great! I would love to give sausage making a try one day. Need to find someone around here that could give me a demo.
  17. big e

    Holy Crap!!!!

    Many congradualtions! I have three myself. Children are a blessing! Enjoy them everyday.
  18. big e

    I Want One

    I want two complete with holsters. That is great. What a rig to pull in for that company picnic.
  19. big e

    Thermometer's on clearance

    The website is showing 14.97. I'll have to hit the store and see what I can find. I just bought one, but I'm sure that my wife would agree that i need at least two more.
  20. big e

    What would happen if I did...???

    I smoked my first butt last night and threw out the (as i now know to call it) "liquid gold". I wasn't sure what to do with it. So you say that you are adding it back into the pulled pork after its pulled? Wish I would have thought of that. Making the sauce is a great idea. What other ideas...