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  1. skinnerc06

    Team Low Rent

    Took Grand champion again this past weekend. Back to back champs 2011 and 2012. First place briksket ass well. Must be doing something right haha. Definitely having plenty of fun.
  2. skinnerc06

    Team Low Rent

    Took Backyard Grand Champions this past weekend at Haines City Fl's "Ribs on the Ridge" event.  If you are in the central Florida area, look for us at upcoming events. Thanks everyone, and good luck!
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  4. skinnerc06

    fla kills bama

    I'm a student here at UF and let me tell you what, the Gators are going to Atlanta to win, and they will. For those who have problems with Tim Tebow, I see where you're coming from. But hate the media, not Tim. I played highschool ball with him, and his attitude and personality has not...
  5. skinnerc06

    Pork Butt .92/lb

  6. skinnerc06

    Let's get rid of some of these forums.

    Bob. Go crawl back into your hole. That is all.
  7. skinnerc06

    Ma! The Meatloaf!! We Want It!!

    Hey guys. Wow its been forever since I've been on. Good to be back. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would share a good meatloaf recipe. I dont plan on smoking these this time particularly, but I imagine the recipe would still be the same for doing them in the oven. Also, if you have a...
  8. skinnerc06

    How to keep Skeeters away?

    Yeah same here. I bow hunt down here in florida swamp areas in october where it is still close to 90 degrees. Thermacells are the only things that make it possible. That thing runs out, im climbing down the tree 2 minutes later no question.
  9. skinnerc06

    best beer for BBQ

    my favorite beer is empty
  10. skinnerc06

    My Ultimate Smoke

    Hello all, So.. Its been a good while since my last smoke.. School has been intense and that has taken up most of my time. On a brighter note, I have been accepted to the University of Florida for the upcoming fall semester. I am so happy. Finally, something good has come my way. Its...
  11. skinnerc06

    Thermometer help

    Thanks everyone for all the help. Lots of good info. BustedLuck... I have an ET-73 and its awesome, just didn't want to spend the money to get a new one. I don't need much, i just use a Brinkmann electric and a little baby chargriller for now so temps are relatively constant. Think i'll be...
  12. skinnerc06

    Thermometer help

    Does anyone know of any good stick type meat thermometers that arent going to run me into debt? Im not sure if they have a technical name, but basically its a probe with a small gauge at the end that you just stick into meat while its cooking. Anyone got any info? Thanks yall. Doing a big...
  13. skinnerc06

    Tomato question

    Thanks everyone. Great info and references.
  14. skinnerc06

    Tomato question

    Hey everyone. Its been a while. Last month of school has been tough but im done for a while. Anyways, I have decided to try and grow some of my own tomatoes. So far I have a few Brandywine seedlings about a week old. I live in Florida and was wondering if anyone knew of a decent website that...
  15. skinnerc06

    Twist one up???????????

    Next time try some Jamaican sausage hahaha
  16. skinnerc06

    Brisket Burgers....wich forum member did the video?

    5 years is being VERY generous
  17. skinnerc06

    First pig #103... hows she look?

    Ha i would have.. But it didnt fit. I took care of that problem rreallll quick
  18. skinnerc06

    First pig #103... hows she look? i still dont know...
  19. skinnerc06

    Whole pig question

    Me and a buddy of mine are doing a whole pig early thirsday morning for a function thursday night. I told him to do it right we should start earlier, but he just wants to get the pig cooked. Do you thing say 9 hours at arounf 250 will be enough time to at least cook the pig all the way around...
  20. skinnerc06

    Anyone got Con'bread?

    Anyone have a corbread recipe for me thats worth trying? I havent found one that turned out quite how I want it to