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  1. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Paint

    I got the body relatively quickly from Traeger. The body I got was just that...the body. Transferring the parts is simple. Unplug from power source, disconnect RTD wiring, unbolt the hopper and slide it out of the grill, unbolt the smoke stack, remove the handle and put all the pieces on the new...
  2. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Conversion

    I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Worse-case scenario, I end up with a pile of slag when I'm done. Still kicking around ideas regarding the fire box. Thought about buying the add-on firebox for a brinkmann grill...but the outlet is on the opposite side. Plus, it just doesn't seem to have...
  3. o0infidel0o

    I need a good thin BBQ sauce recipe

    tyotrain, I tried your BBQ sauce on some chicken and a couple pork butts, with a couple modifications, this past weekend. It was damn tasty and even better the next day. Everyone at work enjoyed it...even the kiddies enjoyed it! Thanks for posting the recipe! :drool
  4. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Conversion

    I am getting a new body from Traeger here in the next few days, and they have asked me to dispose of the used body. Hearing that from them has got the gears a turning. I have been thinking about turning the old body into a "side fire box" style smoker, or perhaps turning it on end and making a...
  5. o0infidel0o

    I need a good thin BBQ sauce recipe

    I thought this recipe looked tasty. Picked up all the ingredients and will be trying it out on a butt this weekend. Thumbs Up
  6. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Paint

    I bought this thing back in December and have done quite a bit of smoking on it without any major issues. Smoked many a fatty, a turkey, chicken out the wazoo, snack sticks, a pork butt, brisket, a couple roasts, cheese, various nuts...and even used it for baked goods such as pizza, cinnamon...
  7. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Paint

    Got another email from grill body on the way. Should see it in a couple days. :cool:
  8. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Paint

    Got an email back from Traeger this morning requesting the obligatory information off the grill and a couple photos. The email stated "...I will take care of you...". Not sure exactly what that consists of, but I can only see a couple options. 1.) Package it up and send it in for a post-mortem...
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  12. o0infidel0o

    Brisket Time... Finished..

    Looks very tasty! Got one in the smoker right now, we'll see how that turns out. Might have to try out some of those beans to go along with it. :PDT_Armataz_01_34:
  13. o0infidel0o

    Traeger Paint

    Anyone had any issues with the paint coming off their Traeger grill? I bought the Texas maybe two or three months ago and the paint is coming off in decent sized chunks both inside and outside the grill. Looks as if the substrate wasn't prepped very well when it was powder coated. Very few...
  14. o0infidel0o

    I need a good thin BBQ sauce recipe

    when in doubt... 28oz. Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce 12oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar Mix ingredients in sauce pan, bring to a simmer, funnel into hand-dandy $.99 condiment dispenser...apply to taste, repeat as needed. :cool: Don't recall where I found that recipe (sort...
  15. o0infidel0o

    First Cordon Bleus on the ECB w/Qview

    Looks delicious! I attempted to do some a weekend or two ago...yeah, not so much. :icon_sad:
  16. o0infidel0o

    HB BBQ

    Welcome to SMF. Hope the ribs turn out good...just post some QView or it didn't happen. :-P
  17. o0infidel0o

    Help! Wife is threatening to turn off the electric

    I was wandering around Safeway the other day and ran across some nice looking stuffed Portobello mushrooms in the deli...I bet they'd be tasty with a touch of smoke. :icon_question:
  18. o0infidel0o

    Pork Butt

    Thanks all. It was an interesting smoke. It took longer than I was originally anticipating, overall it took ten hours for a 6.5lb butt @ 225*F. The internal temperature took quite a while to get up to 205*F after I put it in foil. I'm guessing it was because I also put it in a pan. Either way...
  19. o0infidel0o

    Pork Butt

    Decided to try my hand at a pork butt this weekend. Surfed the forums and found many tips and put them to good use. Coated the butt in mustard and Bad Byron's Butt Rub and let sit in the fridge for a day. Tossed it on the smoker around 0500 this morning, wrapped in foil and gave it a shot of...
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