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  1. jjwdiver

    Pizza Oven for the Weber 22.5 Kettle.

    I just use a cheapo pizza pan with the holes in it, then slide it off the pan to finish right on the grate - crust comes out crisp and done every time and the pan start keeps the pizza from flopping down between the grate until it starts to firm up.  John
  2. Been a while

    Been a while

  3. jjwdiver

    Been a while

    It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on here, and some time since I just sat down and trolled through the threads.  I was jolted back into it a couple weeks ago by fellow member TT Ace, who contacted me out of the blue via forum email.  He reached out and said that he and his...
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  5. jjwdiver

    I can't put foil in/on my smoker, now what do I do?

    ...and thats how I blew up my first microwave oven!
  6. jjwdiver

    what did i do wrong

    Eclipse, Welcome to SMF.  Eric was spot on with his advise and comments above.  Smoking does take time to get right, but trial and error is the best way for you to learn what works best for your setup and the flavors that you and/or your family/friends enjoy in the end.  Read, read, read and...
  7. jjwdiver

    Need help naming my spice & tool carrier - Show me yours too!

    My other suggestion was Mr. French, but then I would have classified myself as old with the tv reference!
  8. jjwdiver

    Head Country Question

    Just acquired a gallon of it from an Oklahoma friend of mine that just left the islands - fantastic stuff for sure!
  9. jjwdiver

    Some of our members got to try out Todd's A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker - see what they thought of it!

    Its all about the moisture content and having enough O2 to keep them going - same issue I had with charcoal use and now that is solved!  Follow the directions to the letter and it should be no problem.
  10. jjwdiver

    A-Maze-N-Pellet Tube Smoker review - Charcoal/Weber Kettle & Spares - Heavy Q-View!

    Thanks for the comments all!  I do plan on trying several variations of placement to see what works best, and Sacrbelly...the fire brick idea is interesting. Where would you suggest they be placed?  Willing to try various ideas.  So far, I have not had any failures...if you consider failure...
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  12. jjwdiver

    A-Maze-N-Pellet Tube Smoker review - Charcoal/Weber Kettle & Spares - Heavy Q-View!

    Received my package from Todd at A-Maze-n-Products and could hardly wait to get started with it.  I followed the directions and ran it thru a burn out to get the oils off it before actual use with food.  Having just a short time to play, I decided to do a cold smoke with cheese.  A ton of smoke...
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