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  1. tpope


    hello sorry for the delay , I haven't been on for a while . But there is no secret just your standard meatloaf seasoning that you buy at the store and follow directions on seasoning packet and put it on one of those non stick grills for cooking fish or a vegtable basket they have holes in...
  2. tpope


    Smoked my first meatloaf yesterday with a brand new sauce recipe and boy did it turn out good who would have thought ,meatloaf in a smoker wish I would have found this site a long time ago . Thanks Todd
  3. tpope

    drying wood

    hello has anyone used their smoker as a kiln to dry green wood using charcoal for heat . I just cut some small pecan, maple, and pear limbs and don't want to wait 6 months to try them out. what do you think? Thanks, Todd
  4. tpope

    how much $ per pound for brisket?

    normally our wally-mart is $1.58 for a packer but today they are on sale for $1.10 /lb so I bought a nice 10 pounder todd
  5. tpope

    cleaning the smoke chamber

    Thanks Bob-BQN Thats kind of what I thought , but figured I'd ask anyway
  6. tpope

    cleaning the smoke chamber

    hello everyone After probably 100 hours of smoking time I've got a pretty good layer of shiny smoke buildup on my smokin pit does any one clean it off or just leave it alone? Thanks Todd
  7. tpope

    new guy from MO

    Just wanted to say howdy. Been lurkin for a while learnin a lot of stuff from you guys and gals got my brinkman smokin' pit about a year ago it does a great job I smoke mostly brisket flats and pork loins and one turkey this weekend I'm gonna do my first whole packer tpope