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  1. cashlow

    Smoked Brisket

    I've been reading a lot of threads about Brisket and I can't wait to do mine Christmas Eve.But I have one question how long do you give it the smoke.Half the cooking time? More,Less?And what kind of wood do you prefer. Thanks, Larry
  2. cashlow

    Little Help from you Seasoned Pros

    The ham is already cooked just want to put some smoke to it with some rub to enhance the flavor.Was also thinking that as long as I kept the the turkey below the ham I would be alright.
  3. cashlow

    Little Help from you Seasoned Pros

    I recently purchased a Masterbuilt Extra-Wide I also have a Char-Griller Duo with side fire box.I'm looking to smoke a Turkey and Ham for Thanksgiving. Can I do both in the Mb or should I seperate and use both Smokers.My daughter is unfortunately allergic to turkey so I dont want to have any...
  4. cashlow

    Masterbuilt Extra Wide or Landmann 3605BGD

    Just bought a Masterbuilt Extra Wide about a month ago and I love it!! We have a big family so the extra room was a must.and at $179 on sale at Bass Pro Shop the price was right.Also purchased a 40lb tank which is really nice. Have used it at least a half dozen times and no complaints.Much...
  5. cashlow

    Where to find Wood?

    I live in Northwest Indiana does anybody know where to get different types of wood. Lowe's, Homedepot only have hickory,mesquite etc looking for cherry or pecan or something a little different.Where do you get your wood besides having to order off the web. Thanks in advance