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  1. Simi Kay

    Whole rotisserie 30lb turkeys

    I do have grates as well, the offset cook chamber makes it hard to do steaks and burgers, but it is perfect for cooking spatchcock chicken and smoking sausages. The temps are uneven, so you have to move things around during the cook.
  2. Simi Kay

    Whole rotisserie 30lb turkeys

    Yes, and this was in the middle of the cook, later they got even more colour
  3. Simi Kay

    Whole rotisserie 30lb turkeys

    Today I made 4 30lb turkeys on the rotisserie grill for a big party, we were 50 people and had a lot of leftovers. Quite a cool feeling to feed so many people with so little work!👍👍
  4. Simi Kay

    Dry brine confusion...

    I´d go with Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning, season your steak with an average amount, and either vacuum seal it or place it on a drying rack, for 24h. That will do the trick👍👍
  5. Simi Kay

    Venison Drywors

    I make this very often times, this is one of my favorite snacks, good work!
  6. Simi Kay

    Should I confit brisket

    Also, what do you guys think of putting Bearded Butcher Blend Seasoning on brisket?
  7. Simi Kay

    Should I confit brisket

    Hi guys, the beef briskets that I get from my farm, are high quality grass-and a little grain-fed. They have got a fine fat cap, and are probably between the high select and the low choice in marbling, which, according to BBQ experts is very challenging for the beginner. I have seen the Mad...
  8. Simi Kay

    To all you bacon lovers, you can now make safe, pink bacon without nitrates and nitrites!

    Good question, I do not know the scientific answer to that, but I know from using it a lot, and hearing about other people using it that it does not affect the development of lactic acid-producing bacteria while fermenting. I hope that this is enough for you to know😀✌️
  9. Simi Kay

    1st time trying vegetarian burger

    I get it, they are tasty, but I think that that is the biggest problem because people actually eat it. It is not good for you.
  10. Simi Kay

    1st time trying vegetarian burger

    Have any of you seen the Bearded Butchers review these products, they were not impressed. Besides, these chubs contain so much sh*t that if YOU knew what was in them you would not eat them. And if you really cared, they are not even CO2 neutral. Cool presentation though, I just wish for you...
  11. Simi Kay

    Bresaola Della Valtellina Fesa (rump)

    Looks very good, very nicely tied up.
  12. Simi Kay

    Bresaola Della Valtellina Fesa (rump)

    I just enjoyed pizza with my own bresaola this evening it is incredible. I use 2 Guys And A Cooler`s recipe...
  13. Simi Kay

    Tonight's Board....05/11/2023

    Looks really good, do you have a recipe for the goose thigh Tasso?
  14. Simi Kay

    Someone talk me in to buying one.....

    I love to make beef ham, I got this recipe from Duncan Henry, a great youtube channel by the way
  15. Simi Kay

    Don't toss out that brisket fat!

    I like to use it in my sausage, it is the best fat for sausage
  16. Simi Kay

    Dry sausage

    Good luck with it, Smoking Edge gave some good percentages, I just want to add, that you have to follow someone that you trust, do your own research, and not just give it a go after watching one vid. Happy Salami making!
  17. Simi Kay

    Pitina Fraulana

    Very nice, I make pitina every time I make salami because there is a half pound left in the stuffer, I like the concept, and it is a cool way to start making salami for beginners or to tune in your champer better. 😀😀
  18. Simi Kay

    Good Sausage Info

    Thank you for taking the time to share, I like the Flira Italia and the T-SPX most (when I use starter cultures), they tend to give me all that I need.
  19. Simi Kay

    Competition wings - I simply cannot get the skin right

    Put a bit of baking soda in your rub, that will tenderize the skin, I learned that from cajuneric.
  20. Simi Kay

    Nitrate/Nitrite Discussion

    Many of us do want a chemical-free product, we do not always look after the most synthesized, processed, and unnatural products. Therefore the little taste of rosemary does not do anything, besides, I have never been able to taste it.