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  1. erain

    Hot dogs using the champion juicer review

    Out of curiosity, what is model number. That looks like it does a fantastic job. I have been doing the double grind method as well for years but every year while the product tastes great the texture still is not quite like a butcher shop quality dog. Do you grind meat before putting in the...
  2. erain

    First time beef Dino ribs. What to purchase?

    123A beef plate short ribs, trimmed originate from the mid-section of ribs 6 through 8. For barbecue, these would typically be referred to as “3-bone beef ribs” and the ribs are 8-12 inches long. jcam222, Using "meaty" loosely, I think back ribs are the most meaty but have the highest bone to...
  3. erain

    “KISS” my Catfish (Bear Style)

    Very nice John, believe it or not a week ago is the very first time I went fishing exclusively for catfish. I have caught a rogue one here and there but never kept one much less ate one. Anyway caught a nice bunch and I did fillet mine but I was impressed by the taste of them. And then strange I...
  4. erain

    Tribute to RonP

    Man, how you been? it has been a while since I ran across a post of yours although I haven't been doing a whole lot on any of the forums lately. Good to see your still around!
  5. erain

    Tribute to RonP

    Thanks John, I knew I was missing someone. Yeah I really miss these guys!
  6. erain

    Tribute to RonP

    just bumping this up, just passed the anniversary of Ron's passing. Also like to mention Big Arm Terry, Richoso, Scarbelly, Capt Dan and Walking Dude. RIP guys and hope you all having some good all nighters up there!
  7. erain

    Caribou burgers

    You are lucky, I did a hunt in Quebec in 2000, seems like only a few years ago... But was lucky enough to score on a couple bulls. Some of the finest venison there is,
  8. erain

    Capt Dan 7/25/2015

    For the people who did not know "Capt Dan", he was one of the guys when I first joined the forum that you wanted to be able to cook like he could. An amazing man, was always helpful and told me many a trick or two. I wish I would have made a trip to Michigan to meet him in person and maybe do...
  9. erain

    Original Tilia Foodsaver/Vacupack manual

    PM me your email, I have it on a PDF I can send you...
  10. erain

    Evaporating Maple Sap on an Offset Smoker

    I have done this a couple years now, thought I had posted some of it here but I was looking for links to provide but apparently I did not post here. Anyway here is from my first year, which was done using turkey fryers. They work but be prepared to buy alot of propane. Its only worth it because...
  11. erain

    Original Tilia Foodsaver/Vacupack manual

    I have offered a copy to a few members here and having some issues emailing them due to mailbox size issues etc. I just decided to post it here. I know the pictures are larger than recommended but are all vertical so I dont believe they will cause much issue even with smaller monitors.
  12. erain

    Old Tilia FoodSaver Questions???

    I think i got it figured out. I will do it on a new titled thread so it will be easy to search for and find. I did try emailing some copies out, some went through but I also got alot of size limit issues and they got kicked back. Good idea Dave.
  13. erain

    Old Tilia FoodSaver Questions???

    I have a manual for the original foodsaver which is more extensive than the one Dave posted(I think mine has about 20 pages). When I was looking for a manual I was unable to find one online but when I bought a second unit for a spare, which was a real good idea cause now when we do large...
  14. erain

    A costly rookie mistake

    Sorry to hear about the ribs. Better to thaw in the fridge if possible. Hope to see your finished results. You dont by chance have a link to the "no boil" mac and cheese thread? Sounds like something I could be interested in.
  15. erain

    Jeffs Rub

    Last I knew of, it was a recipe. Same for the sauce.
  16. erain

    What to do with cured belly trimmings?

    Not sure if your a hunter or have access to venison trimmings, but I bet it would be a great addition to the ground venison.
  17. erain

    The "Bite" of the Spare Ribs

    There is no correct answer to this. it all comes down to personal opinion. I will say I do not like fall off the bone, I like them where there is a tug to them but will pull off the bone fairly clean. But that is just my opinion. Make them how you or your family and guests like them...
  18. erain

    A-MAZE-N Products Hits a Milestone With Our 10,000th Customer!!!

    Congrats Todd! have had nothing but the best from you and I am pretty sure the other 9,999 customers feel the same.Thumbs Up
  19. erain

    A Great Man Has Passed Away

    Gary was one a the good guys for sure and was a great friend. thoughts and prayers out to his family esp Kathy and Lisa. also want to say to this forum as well sad to hear of the loss. i am not to active at this time but i do know Gary was a big part of here. RIP my friend.
  20. erain

    BBB Time

    are those like perfect slice of bread size??? perdect to drop a fried egg ontop of for a fried egg sammy!!! absolutly beautiful stuff rick!Thumbs Up