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  1. Peteyg

    Anyone experimented with draining myoglobin before marination?

    You should measure final product outcomes using both Methods
  2. Peteyg

    Smoking / dehydrating jerky

    No it doesn’t You just need your water activity to be below where bad things grow. Which is .78**
  3. Peteyg

    Yoder YS1500

    Is this still available located in San pedro / Long Beach
  4. Peteyg

    K-Rigg pressure smoker, thoughts?

    Smoke is only absorbed for the first 20 minutes after that you’re not absorbing smoke as you would think
  5. Peteyg

    New member - Texas Beef Jerky Producer - BULK

    Hey All, Pete here with BULK, we smoke a ton of jerky in our USDA plant in Johnson City TX. I like smoking all sorts of meats / fish, I'm here to give my knowledge and come up with new jerky and smoked meat recipes.