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  1. kevink

    1st run at the ribs in my MES 30.

    David, there's no better way to break in a new smoker than a little trial and error.  How much wood you use is really something you'll have to decide for yourself.  In my opinion, you don't want too much smoke when cooking ribs because they tend to take on a bitter flavor when oversmoked. ...
  2. kevink

    Hello everyone from Chad in Kansas City!

    Hey Chad, welcome. Good thinking on the 40.  In a year or two when word gets out about the delicious food to be had at your place, you'll be glad you have that extra space! Besides, everything's up to date in Kansas City. Take care- kevin
  3. kevink

    Dry-Aged Sirloin Roast w/ help from Chef JimmyJ

    Awesome. Did you have to trim any of the meat off of the outside?  Seems that in most of the dry-aging stuff I've read, the outer part of the meat ends up getting trimmed off before cooking.  It doesnt look like you did that here.  thanks!
  4. kevink

    Bone In Standing Rib Roast, aka Prime Rib QVIEW

    Hoser, I like mine pretty rare but this one was for my girlfriend (now fiancee!) so i did more of a medium rare.  If i remember correctly I pulled it at around 125 which gave me a great medium rare.  These things cook pretty quickly as opposed to some of the more traditional bbq meats (i.e...
  5. kevink

    Asian-Inspired Pulled Pork Butt

    Gosh that looks great. I hope they invent internet smell-o-vision soon. Where do you find nectarine wood, and how do you serve this up? CWB?
  6. kevink

    Day 4 with the MES - Pork Shoulders - Qview

    Looks yum yum.  I have had the same experience where costco doesn't carry bone-in.  Maybe if enough of us keep going and asking for them...
  7. kevink

    St Louis with unbiased olive oil vs. mustard analysis + qview

    Smoking is all done! Arnie, I'm using a SmokinTex. A chronological presentation of the qview: Above, all set to come out. Above, side by side comparison of mustard and evoo.  Mustard on the left, evoo on the right.  The lighting is really bad in my kitchen, but the mustard ribs actually...
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  20. kevink

    St Louis with unbiased olive oil vs. mustard analysis + qview

    Hey there, Herky.  Thanks for the tip - will definitely try it in the future.  I have family that lives in Eugene, and family that just moved from there.  You ever come across a Kosoris up there?  Those are my kin. Go Ducks, Kevin