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  1. themandlj32

    Hopefully smoking soon

    Welcome!!! Have you taken a look at Yoder stick burner units? Just wanted to give you one more option to think about. Daryl
  2. themandlj32

    Added to the family!!

    Yoder makes charcoal, stick burners, and pellet.
  3. Added to the family!!

    Added to the family!!

  4. themandlj32

    Added to the family!!

    Greetings everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted. I thought I'd share the latest additions to my family of smokers.
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  8. themandlj32

    New toy to add to my collection.

    It's been awhile I hope everyone is doing well. I decided yesterday to pull the trigger on a Yoder Ys 640. Very excited to burn it in and start using it. It will fit in well this the GMG, Black Olive, Masterbuilt 40in, ect.... Anyway hope everyone is well. Smoke on!! God Bless
  9. themandlj32

    Black Olive Pellet Smoker

    That could be the case but I'm not sure that's a Black Olive by Primo. Who makes it.
  10. themandlj32

    Brisket help

    You can do it that way. Just be extra cautious so you don't dry it out as you finish the cook. Let us know how it turns out.
  11. themandlj32

    Looked at the Green Mountain Grills today.

    I purchased a Davy Crockett back in April. I love it. Don't let the construction looks full you. They are well built and hold temp better then you think. I've got the WIFI model and it makes your cooks so much easier. You won't be disappointed if you get one.
  12. themandlj32

    Black Olive Pellet Smoker

    There is no way anybody has a Black Olive on sale for that price. It sounds like it's a off brand unit. What store is it being sold at and are they a true authorized dealer for the Primo Black Olive? Now I did get mine on sale but it cost me $1200 with everything else included it walked out...
  13. themandlj32

    New member looking for a replacement smoker

    Good Morning, If I could give a suggestion to help you on our search. I would offer you taking a look at a Green Mountain Davy Crockett Tailgater. It's not a cabinet smoker like the Masterbuilt but being a full-time RV'ers this would fit perfectly into your RV and has a few different power...
  14. themandlj32

    need help fast! Please

    Have you checked to see if the probe is calibrated?
  15. themandlj32

    New to the pellet with a GMG JB

    Agreed!! Great purchase you'll be very happy you got it!! :yahoo:
  16. themandlj32

    Breakfast plus a surprise

    Very nice!! That looks awesome.
  17. themandlj32

    Learning to smoke Brisket. Help!!

    Good luck with you brisket. Be condifent no matter what process you decide. Once you start to second guess yourself you could be setting yourself up for failure. As others have stated before make sure you let it rest. You don't want a cutting board full of juice.
  18. themandlj32

    Happy Father's Day gift from my son

    Best part of the time spent around grillin/Smokin is the kid shows interest and wants to learn. :yahoo:
  19. themandlj32

    Electric smokers vs charcoal smokers?

    Mike. I started out using a smoke hallow that I picked up for $150. It was a great smoker but as I discovered the joy of smoking I purscased a Cajin Injector w glass door. If you can find both in your area you'll fine they won't break your back pocket and are good starter electric units. Your...
  20. Happy Father's Day gift from my son

    Happy Father's Day gift from my son