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  1. batman

    Deer Backstraps, advice needed

    I've got a couple fresh backstraps that I plan to throw on the smoker Saturday along with a couple pork butts. I've never smoked the backstraps before and could use advice temp, marination, etc... from someone with experience, so fire away. Thanks
  2. batman

    First Brisket

    Hi Funk, I hope I can help. I did my first brisket last weekend and it came out great. I bought a 12# packer from Sams club at $1.39/lb. I rubed it down with yellow musturd and cowtown rub the night before (after just a bit of trimming) and wrapped in saran wrap overnight. I fired up my...
  3. batman

    First All Nighter

    I think the question being asked is… is the 1.5 hours/lb based on the total weight of grub in the pit, or is it based on each individual cut. I too am planning my first all-nighter tonight. I have two 6 lb butts and a 12 lb brisket to load up. I assume that I should plan on about 18 hours...
  4. batman

    First Brisket

    I bought a brisket this evening from Sam's and will smoke it for a Saturday afternoon gathering, along with a couple pork butts. The brisket is a 12 lb'er boneless (no other details on the package). I've read up on the internal temp, resting the meat, cutting against the grain, but I still...
  5. batman

    First Shoulder.......Update!!!!!

    This method sounds like just what I need. I'll have to work all day Friday and have two pork butts and a brisket to get smoked by 3 PM saturday (daughters 1st birthday party). So I was thinking either get up real early saturday and spend the day smoking (and hope I can get them done in time)...
  6. batman

    Newbie with questions

    Thanks for all the tips. But I'm a little confused. Are you suggesting the easiest and best way to fuel this smoker is with charcoal and add small amounts of wood chucks for flavoring?? I guess I though using wood for fuel was the norm for this style of smoker. If the wood chuncks are for...
  7. batman

    Newbie with questions

    I recently purchased a Brinkmann Smoke'n Pit horizontal smoker ($200 variety) with an offset firebox. This is my first smoker and I have no past experience smoking meat. I broke it in yesterday on a small pork butt and a slab of spare ribs. For fuel I used aged hedge (osage orange) and...