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  1. kdgsmoker

    What time to start pork butt?

    Link did not work. I'm using my IPhone 5, do I need to be on a pc?
  2. kdgsmoker

    E-Course Trying to Sign Up

    My name is Kyle(KdgSmoker) and my email is: [email protected] I would like the 5 chapters of E-Course please. Thanks
  3. kdgsmoker

    What time to start pork butt?

    FoamHeart, Free EClass. Where is that and how do I sign up?
  4. kdgsmoker

    new from missouri

    I'm from Alton, IL(suburb of STL). I have a Weber and Master Forge so far, Oklahoma Smoker next from Lowes! Happy Smokin!!
  5. kdgsmoker

    Any Illini Smokers out there?

    Hi all! My name is Kyle and Im from Alton, IL(suburb of St Louis MO, 30 min north east). I've been smoking meat for about 5 yrs now and plan on entering my first competition this year with my brother. I have a Weber and a Master Forge now, thinking of adding an Oklahoma Brand name and made...
  6. kdgsmoker

    100th post karma Giveaway

    "I'm in" there like swim wear!! New member here
  7. kdgsmoker

    Smoked wings

    You could always use a diff sauce that is not too spicy. A sauce that I created is 1/2 cup of Crystal Wing Sauce, 1/3Cup of Sybergs Wing Sauce, and 1/3 cup of Franks Hot Sauce for just a little kick. Try it, you will like it! (If it's still too spicy for them, minus the Franks Hot Sauce)
  8. kdgsmoker

    Looking for good grill

    I have a Master Forge, 32", bought it a year ago and I am happy with it, but yes it is not built to last forever. I like the 3 grate system(I removed one for easy access to fire on right for adding charcoal and wood chunks), I also like I can raise and lower fire, bottom tray to easily dump...
  9. kdgsmoker

    New member

    Oh ya, my smoker of choice is a Master Forge for now. I like that I can raise and lower the fire, I took out one grill grate to have easy access to fire and to add wood chunks. There is also a bottom flat pan to easily pull out to empty ashes from last fire or cook. It also has a top vent stack...
  10. kdgsmoker

    New member

    Hello everyone, I live in a suburb of St Louis MO and have been smoking meat for about 5 yrs now. I mainly do baby back ribs and chicken wings, but want to get into butts, whole shoulders, briquette, and tenderloins. (These meats are pricy though) I have created my own wing sauce using three...