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  1. racincowboy

    Black ET-732's Now In-Stock!

    My name is Lance and I have a Smoking addiction. I too didnt need one but as someone said before can never have too many.  I needed new probes as well so why not get a new black et-732 and new probes with free shipping and a 10 dollar discount. Cant beat that no matter how you look at it. Todd...
  2. racincowboy

    Any hockey fans??? Pulled Pork for tomorrows game!

    I personally would start it around 7am if not a little before. I always get nervous im gonna miss my meal time my guests are counting on. You can always hold it in the cooler a while longer. When I am doing PP for a special event I always start plenty early just because of the stall. Some take...
  3. racincowboy

    3# of Shrimp & Asparagus

    Looks great so far cant wait to see the finished product. I love shrip and asparagus. Never thought of putting them together though.
  4. racincowboy

    Duroc Pork with Mc&Cheese

    It looks amazing. Nice job. I always love trying new things. I have relatives in Germany but have yet to make it over there yet. Maybe one day. Great looking meal there.
  5. racincowboy

    Butt Prep/BBQ Competition Story

    Very cool placing in your first competition. One day I will make it to one. You asked what we do to get the smokey flavor deeper into the butt. I buy boneless butts and that seems to do the trick for me. I also make my own sauce but never put it on unless someone wants it. I prefer just a...
  6. racincowboy

    Maverick or Not?

    I have had my ET 732 for a year and a half with no issues at all. Make sure you read the directions it is a great tool. I did buy a set of spare probes from Todd just in case I have an issue. My probes are not sealed with rtv but is a great idea just as a little added insurance. I have heard...
  7. racincowboy

    Wiener rama (FINISHED)

  8. racincowboy

    Novice needs help!!!

    One cold weather trick I use is put a blanket over the top of your smoker just over the lid. I have an old bath mat(just happened its the perfect size) that is kinda like shag carpet that I use on cold days. I guess cold is relative I use it whenever it is below like 45 degrees out. Makes my...
  9. racincowboy

    AMNPS WOOOS (problem solved...i hope)

    I am trying my AMPS for the first time right now. What a great device. I have had no issues it just keeps on smoking in my SFB stick burner. Thanks Todd for a great product that works exactally as advertised if not better.
  10. racincowboy

    Infrared thermometer

    I have one of these as well. I use it for taking tire temps on the racecars and header tubes. I also use it at home to check the temp on the SFB. It's kinda addictive and the neices and nephews love to play with it and torment the cat with the laser.
  11. racincowboy

    An A-Maze-N Christmas Indeed!

    Dont forget sneaky Mother in laws. Thanks for the great service Todd. Thank god she didnt get me a man purse. She shared the email you sent her too funny. Lance
  12. racincowboy

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the addiction from a fellow web foot. The only dumb question is the one that is not asked. I have learned a ton of stuff over the past year, I have been here these guys are great. There are several people from the Portland area and the PNW in general. Have fun making some of the best...
  13. racincowboy

    AMNPS WOOOS (problem solved...i hope)

    I am sure Todd will be along shortly with some suggestions to help your problem. He is a stand up guy and a great business man. I just got my AMPS for christmas as well havent used it yet.  I am truly looking forward to using it this weekend. I know several other members have them and love them...
  14. racincowboy

    Oregon Smoke Out?

    Make that 5. I didnt even know there was an Oregon Group. I live outside Portland near Damascus. Definately not to far to Portland or one of the local Parks.
  15. racincowboy

    My first attempt at a breakfast fattie...

    Nice job on the fattie. I am sure the guys at the station loved them if they are anything like the firefighters I know. They love to cook and eat from what I have seen from my buddies in the fire service.
  16. racincowboy

    Hot Dog and Mushrooms for breakfast W/Qview

    I love hot dogs and scrambled eggs made together like that. I need to try tossing in mushrooms and onions as well. I got some walla walla sweet onions out there guess I gotta get to work and make a breakfast like that. Thanks for the idea looks delicious. I also like to take spinach, bay shrimp...
  17. racincowboy


    At my parents house they kept have intermitttant issues like that in the kitchen with one wall of plug ins going dead. It ended up being an outside plug in on the back of the house that the previous owner had installed and the wires were loose. Just a thought hopefully you can find the issue.
  18. racincowboy

    Canadian Bacon

    Bear is the man when it comes to bacon variety and several other things all around a smoke master. Thanks for the help on my canadian bacon questions Bear. It turned out so well its all gone already. I guess good things go fast. Should have made 10 lbs instead of only 4. Back to the original...
  19. racincowboy

    Can't seem to get Boston Butts right.

    Stick with it you will get it. I take mine and put them in double foil with a little apple juice (1/4 cup) at 165 IT then take them to 200-205 IT in foil. Then its into the bath towels and into the cooler for minimum 1 hour. I also prefer 2-3 to let the juices redistribute.  Everytime I have...
  20. racincowboy

    Where Was Bear??? (With SnowView)

    I love snowy landscape pictures like that. I cant wait until it happens here. I get excited to see a few feet of snow on the ground means I can pull out my snow machine and go for a spin. Means I can burn great smelling wood for heat and cooking on the woodstove. IF I dont want to go out and...