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  1. phillip p smith


    Butcher paper I have seen has plastic on one side, does it melt? Why use butcher paper rather than foil? Foil keeps the juices inside. Does the butcher paper?
  2. phillip p smith

    MES Window Cleaning Made Easy

    There is a rubbing alcohol that is 90% alcohol. Pour that on an old newspaper and rub it on.  Works like a miracle! And it is cheap!
  3. phillip p smith

    WSM 18.5 has a new probe modification now? Anybody else know about this?

    Get a flat 4 wheel cart that is wider than the outside perimeter of the legs and attach the 3 legs to the cart. It will be top heavy if the base is not wide enough!!  Been there done that with my electric smoker.  Had to rebuild it.  Steady as a rock now!
  4. phillip p smith

    MES Window Cleaning Solution

    Rubbing alcohol. They make a 90% alcohol solution. About $3 for a quart. Cleans smoked up door easily. Just pour a small amount on some newspaper and rub it down.
  5. phillip p smith

    MES Window Cleaning Solution

    I found it!!    Tried the cheapest Vodka tip and it worked--- "but"  ---- Too expensive  $7.00 compared to what I found out about Isopropyl alcohol.   They produce one that is 90% isopropyl alcohol.  Pour some of that on old newspaper, rub it on and VIOLLA the smoke smudge comes off!!   It will...
  6. phillip p smith


    . I like mine roasted in the skin. .How does boiling them affect the nut?
  7. phillip p smith


    peanut butter and mustard. mixed well, on crackers or as a sandwich.
  8. phillip p smith

    how to light a A-Maze-N-Pellet-Smoker without a blow torch?

    I fill mine, then take it in to the kitchen stove  (gas) and hold the burn end over the high flame till it is burning good. (with the vent a hood on)
  9. phillip p smith

    MES ?

    P Put a drip pan on the shelf under the shelf the brisket is on?? 
  10. phillip p smith

    Another AMNPS-MES Question

    I put my pellets  in the amnps and take it to the kitchen stove. Turn the burner up high [gas stove] and run the amnps slowly back and forth over the flames until I see a little wisp as the pellets dry out. Then I hold the end with the hole over the flame until I get a good cherry going. Let it...
  11. phillip p smith

    Hello from Texas

    You are gonna like it!!
  12. phillip p smith

    Mes 40 mailbox mod

    Learned something new!  I was going to light may 5 x 8 smoker and my propane torch was empty.  Took it inside to the kitchen stove and held the end over the flame until it lit. Also ran the line of pellets over the flame a few time until I could see a little steam coming off. The pellets were...
  13. phillip p smith

    Maverick ET-732

    Isn't it the tip of the probe that measures the Temperature?
  14. phillip p smith

    Noob MES question about adding chips

    Type in mailbox smoker in the search box!!    You "gonna" like it!!
  15. phillip p smith

    Noob MES question about adding chips

    check out www,   The amnps  is the one you want then read the thread on here,  about how to use it and how to hook it up to your mes.  It works!!
  16. phillip p smith

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    Thanks Dave.  I normally run my temp at 225 if I am doing a 10 t0 12 lb. brisket with full smoke going. Then after about 3 hours smoking, smoke goes away and I wrap the meat in foil (am going to try butchers paper) and finish cook till about 1 1/2 hours per lb.  My question is still how does...
  17. phillip p smith

    One more "Mail Box Mod" for the AMNPS and the MES30 ...NEW PICTURES FOR ATTACHING ELBOW TO MAILBOX

    what does this mod do to the top end temperature on the mes with this higher amount of air/smoke into the smoker?  275 deg  and up!
  18. phillip p smith

    use a cast iron pan to replace the chip box

    What holds heat better, cast iron or sand?
  19. phillip p smith

    Smack down

    Thanks.  I will keep up with it!